Reckoning, Episode 9


The hunt for the pornographer leads to a horrifying revelation and Holder looks for someone to blame. Twitch and Lyric find their dream home.

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Danette distributes missing-person flyers of Kallie on car windshields in her neighborhood. When she gets home, her living room is ransacked and Joe Mills emerges from the bedroom.

At Adrian's school, Linden and Holder wait for a psychologist to determine whether Adrian is stable enough to be a credible witness.

In her trailer, a beaten-up Danette tells Linden and Holder that Mills took off with her money and car. She mentions that he sometimes camps near the Canadian border and that he keeps his camping gear and maps in her storage unit.

Linden and Holder head to Danette's unit and find a sleeping bag and lit cigarette, indicating someone was just there. Hearing the elevator, they split up to pursue Mills. Mills assaults Linden, who screams for Holder. Holder knocks Mills off Linden then handcuffs him.

Skinner checks on Linden as cops swarm the storage unit. Elated, Reddick approaches them holding a box -- the victims' missing rings are inside. "We got him," Reddick says.

As she looks through the box, Linden spots a familiar necklace: Bullet's. Just then she hears Holder radio a nearby officer to say they found Mills' cab downstairs with blood on the bumper. Knowing what Holder is about to discover, Linden races downstairs and begs him to step away from the cab. Holder opens the trunk and finds Bullet dead inside.

Back at the station, Reddick asks Holder if he wants to rough up Mills. Instead, Holder leaves. Linden asks to interrogate Mills but Skinner says he'll only talk to Danette. Linden notes that Kallie's blue ring was not among the rings discovered in the storage unit.

With the alleged Pied Piper in custody, reporters swarm the District Attorney outside the police station, asking for more information about Joe Mills.

Nearby, Caroline tells Holder not to blame himself for Bullet's death, reminding him of the danger "these kids" put themselves in every day. Holder explodes at Caroline and tells her he was an addict.

In their motel room, Lyric greets Twitch with a letter stating he's officially off probation, meaning they can finally move to L.A. Visibly upset, Twitch tells Lyric he just learned Bullet is dead.

At the station, Linden and a group of officers watch intently as Danette and Mills talk in the interrogation room. Mills denies hurting Kallie, but Danette says she knows about the videos. "I was gentle, and I took care of them," he says of the girls on the tapes. Disgusted, Danette lunges at Mills, screaming at him to reveal what he's done to her daughter.

Clear to speak with Adrian, Linden presents a group of mugshots and asks him to point out the man that killed his mother. Adrian points to the photo of Mills. "Can I see my dad now?" he asks.

At the station, Skinner confirms to the media that Mills is in police custody. "The so-called Pied Piper is finally off the streets," he says.

Having finally established a connection between Mills and Trisha Seward's case, Linden starts to call Seward but hangs up when she sees Danette in the station hallway. As they talk, Linden is shocked to learn Mills was in Alaska, not Seattle, the night of Trisha's death.

At the prison, Seward demands another phone call. Becker refuses. "There's always hope," Dale whispers. "Don't give up."

Twitch surprises Lyric by paying the deposit on a government-sponsored apartment she had previously mentioned. "What about L.A.?" she asks. "Being with you is all I want," he says.

Upset, Linden goes to Holder's apartment and finds him distraught and drinking. She tells him Adrian falsely identified Mills but contemplates using his testimony to get Seward a stay. Holder warns that she'd be burying evidence. "I should've picked up," Holder then says, referring to Bullet's final phone calls. As Linden comforts him, Holder leans in to kiss her. She moves away. Holder apologizes and Linden tells him it's OK.

In the prison yard, Dale encourages Seward to pray. Devastated and hopeless, Seward drops to his knees and prays. Dale laughs at Seward. "Alton was easy, but you, I thought you'd be harder to crack," he says. Seward realizes Dale has been playing a sick game with his fellow inmates.

Inside, Henderson learns that Becker has added him to Seward's execution team. He then gets a phone call from Annie, Becker's wife, screaming, "Francis shot him!"

Becker arrives home to see his son Francis being escorted away in handcuffs. A dead body lies on the lawn. Henderson tells Becker his son just murdered a man Annie was seeing.

Holder goes to see Bullet's body at the Coroner's office. Jablonski mentions that Reddick logged numerous calls from Bullet the previous night but dismissed them as another wild goose chase. Enraged, Holder goes to Reddick's house and assaults him.

At the station, Skinner tells Linden they matched all but four of the rings to the victims. He asks about Adrian but Linden says there's no connection between Trisha Seward and Joe Mills.

The next morning Linden is in her car, outside the prison. In her hand is the bag containing the four unidentified rings.

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