Hope Kills, Episode 7

Hope Kills

Sarah and Holder get a break in the case. Seward fights against his own mortality.

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At Beacon Home, Pastor Mike tells Linden and Holder that Angie Gower didn't enter the shelter the night she was found. At Linden's request, the pastor hands over photos of girls who stayed at the shelter three years ago. Out in the hallway, Rayna eavesdrops.

Twitch finds Lyric and Bullet curled up in bed at the abandoned hotel. When Lyric tries to explain, Twitch brags that he was with an older woman all day. An angry Lyric leaves with Bullet.

At the station, Linden is unable to find a criminal record for Pastor Mike. Holder remains suspicious, pointing out that nearly all of the 17 victims found in the pond passed through Beacon Home.

When Linden gets home, Cody is waiting for her. He wants to talk about their relationship and her recent whereabouts. She tells him she was trying to be something she wasn't with him, then asks him to leave.

In The Jungle, Holder asks Bullet her opinion of Pastor Mike. Bullet defends him and says Pastor Mike is "the only guy in Seattle who's not a pedophile."

On death row, Seward speculates that Becker left work early the night of Alton's suicide due to problems with his wife. Becker taunts Seward by pointing out that the gallows are under construction.

Danette visits Beacon Home. Pastor Mike tells her Kallie isn't there, then reassures her that Kallie is a survivor. Outside, Danette finds a menu from a pizzeria with "He's lying" written on it on her windshield.

In the locker room, Becker tells Henderson that he left work early to look for his wife, who he found at a bar with another man. He adds that his son, and even the convicts, all know about his wife's adultery.

At the police station, Danette tells Linden that she visited Pastor Mike and shows her the pizzeria menu left on her windshield.

Linden and Holder visit the pizzeria. As Holder orders a slice, they notice Rayna watching them.

In Linden's car, Rayna says she saw Angie bleeding in the alleyway next to Beacon Home the night Angie was attacked. Rayna called Pastor Mike, who arrived soon thereafter in his car. When the Pastor pulled up, Angie ran away and Pastor Mike chased her. He later returned without her, but with blood all over his shirt.

On a rooftop, Lyric tells Bullet about some government-sponsored apartments that Pastor Mike mentioned. Bullet tells Lyric that she loves her and promises she'll find a place for them to sleep that night.

At the station, Skinner approves a background check on Pastor Mike but refuses to grant a search warrant for his car due to insufficient evidence.

At Beacon Home, Bullet begs Pastor Mike to let him and Lyric stay overnight. The Pastor says all the beds are taken, but agrees to help them find a place to stay. Bullet mentions the police were making inquiries about the Pastor.

In the prison infirmary, Henderson weighs Seward to determine how heavy the counterweight needs to be for the hanging. Henderson senses Seward's growing fear about his execution.

Linden and Holder stake out Beacon Home to watch Pastor Mike. Holder takes a phone call and learns the Pastor has been using a fake ID.

On death row, Seward demands a phone call to his lawyer. Becker says it's too late to change the execution method. Seward trashes his cell.

At Pastor Mike's house, Linden and Holder interrogate the Pastor after observing that his car is a rental. As they leave, Holder asks dispatch to run a police database search for the biblical tattoo on Pastor Mike's arm.

Inside Pastor Mike's house, Lyric thanks the Pastor for letting her stay the night. She says Bullet will arrive later.

At police headquarters, Skinner says the tattoo search revealed that the pastor's real name is Mark Elwood, and that he was charged with kidnapping a 16-year-old girl in Tempe, Arizona six years ago. Charges were dropped when the girl later overdosed, but Elwood lost his Tempe ministry in the process.

In his kitchen, Pastor Mike tells Lyric that he knows what it's like to have nowhere to go. Growing uncomfortable, Lyric tells him Bullet should be arriving any minute.

A police team busts into Pastor Mike's house but finds it empty. An officer informs Linden and Holder that the Pastor is not at Beacon Home, either.

At the station, Danette meets a woman whose daughter has been missing for years.

In his cell, Seward grows distraught over his choice for method of execution. Dale tells him to find peace in salvation.

Becker sneaks his son into the gallows room and brags to him that he'll be the one who gets to put the noose around Seward's neck.

In Skinner's office, Linden says they found no weapon or trophies at Pastor Mike's house. Skinner tells Linden there's still no connection between Trisha Seward and the 17 victims. Linden maintains Seward's innocence. Skinner tells Linden he believes her. A phone call interrupts them: Pastor Mike's car has been found.

Police surround the Pastor's car at a train station. Holder sees blood on the back seat. Skinner orders a search of all outgoing trains.

At the police station, Danette stares at the photos of the 17 victims on the bulletin board.

Linden gets in her car. Pastor Mike, sitting in the back seat, holds a knife to her throat, and orders her to drive.

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