Head Shots, Episode 4

Head Shots

The task force shuts down a business; Sarah and Holder unite in their pursuit of ``the voice.''

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At the police station, Holder and Linden show Bullet the DVD of Kallie seized from Goldie's apartment. Bullet says the video was shot at the hotel run by Mama Dips, and notes that Kallie is wearing the blue ring that Bullet gave her when she last saw Kallie three days ago.

Holder and Linden go to the hotel with a search warrant. When Mama Dips refuses to cooperate, officers begin kicking down doors and making arrests.

Behind the front desk, Linden and Holder discover a hidden door leading to the room seen in the pornographic DVDs of underage girls seized from Goldie.

Becker and Henderson escort Seward, his chest heavily bandaged, back to his cell. Alton says Seward removed his tattoo because it was a "point of weakness."

Briefing Skinner on the case, Linden says it's probably not Goldie's voice on the porn video because of an inconclusive voice match.

Holder interrogates Mama Dips, who insists she knows nothing and then claims she's the voice asking the questions on the DVDs seized from Goldie.

Afterwards, Reddick and Linden argue about next steps. Reddick complains about Linden to Holder, who defends her.

Holder finds Bullet napping on a bench in the police station. Bullet impresses Holder with her knowledge of animals from her days in boarding school. Holder admires her spunk.

Linden shows Kallie's DVD to Danette. Danette says the man's voice is unfamiliar, then admits that Kallie stopped by her trailer on the night Kallie disappeared but she didn't answer the door.

Twitch gets into his parole officer's car and is told that his urine test came back positive for drugs. Twitch insists he's been clean and worries this will ruin his plans to go to L.A. The parole officer unzips his pants and orders Twitch to get into the backseat.

Henderson tries to give Seward antibiotics. Seward throws the pills in the toilet.

At the station, Skinner gets briefed on the case by his officers. Assistant D.A. (and Holder's girlfriend) Caroline Swift recommends Skinner focus on Mama Dips and release the johns arrested at the hotel.

After the meeting, an officer posts two new photos of identified victims. Linden and Holder match one of them to a screen grab of a girl from the porn videos.

Holder leaves with Reddick to stakeout Goldie.

In the prison yard, Alton and Seward bond as Seward shows off various scars. Becker watches from afar.

At the abandoned hotel, Twitch shoots up meth. Bullet reminds him of his urine tests, but Twitch says he's never going back to his parole officer.

At the station, a cop recognizes one of the girls from the porn video grabs as a girl named Tiffany who he recently picked up for solicitation.

Linden questions Tiffany at her house. Tiffany claims she can't remember the man in the video.

In the car during the Goldie stakeout, Holder asks Reddick to take it easy on Linden. Reddick warns Holder against putting his career in Linden's hands.

Goldie drives by with an unidentified woman in the passenger seat. Holder and Reddick follow him to the retention pond crime scene, where Goldie jumps out and proclaims his innocence to a mob of reporters there. He also claims another girl is missing.

While watching Goldie on TV, Danette gets a phone call from her boyfriend. She says she waited up for him last night and agrees to go out that night.

Becker gripes to Henderson about Seward and Alton "yukking it up," then asks if Seward took his medication. "No problem," Henderson lies. Becker invites Henderson to his house for a beer.

Twitch leaves the hotel. Bullet follows, telling him not to go to Freeway Park. Twitch doesn't listen.

At home, Becker has beers with Henderson and confronts him about Seward's medication. Henderson admits Seward didn't take it. Becker's wife privately confides to Henderson about the toll Becker's job has taken on their marriage.

At Freeway Park, Twitch ignores Bullet's warnings to stay away and approaches a crowd of punks. He gets brutally beaten up.

At the station, Skinner asks Reddick and Holder how they let Goldie undermine the investigation by attracting media scrutiny. Linden asks Holder for help with getting more information out of Tiffany. Annoyed by Reddick's constant jabs, Linden tells Reddick that he hasn't made sergeant after 23 years because "all you are is in the way." Holder smirks.

Holder decides to catch up with Linden outside the station, and they get in a car together to go talk to Tiffany.

Bullet brings a beat-up Twitch back to the hotel room, where he cries about his ruined L.A. dreams. Lyric comforts him and they kiss. Bullet leaves.

Holder and Linden press Tiffany for more details about the man asking the questions in the video. Holder asks Tiffany, "Why would you wanna protect a man like that?"

Seward refuses to take his meds, so Becker orders the guards to beat Alton. Seward reluctantly gives in. "I knew you'd see it my way," Becker says.

At the station, Holder enters "Joe Mills" into a database. An arrest summary reveals that Mills was one of the people arrested at Mama Dips' hotel, and that he was released six hours earlier.

Danette lets her boyfriend into her trailer: It's Joe Mills.

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