From Up Here, Episode 11

From Up Here

As Sarah seeks peace in the aftermath, the detectives pick up a new unnerving case. Lyric is tempted by her old life. Danette says goodbye.

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Still reeling from Seward's execution, Linden returns home from a jog in the forest and finds Skinner waiting for her. He tells her his marriage is over.

Inside Linden's house, Skinner tells Linden his wife accused him of keeping too many secrets. Admitting his primary passion is his work, he says, "Sometimes I think people like us are supposed to be alone." "That's not true," Linden replies, and kisses him.

Holder attends Bullet's church funeral. Danette joins Holder in a back pew and tells him the same story about Kallie playing hide-and-seek that she previously told Bullet. Lyric is also in attendance.

The next morning, Linden is joined in her kitchen by Skinner, who spent the night. Linden says that she thinks they could make a relationship work. They exchange knowing smiles.

Stephen finds Caroline and apologizes for keeping his junkie past a secret. "I'm, like, five steps down for you. I just wanted you to see the good stuff," he says. Caroline tells Holder that she does see the good. She forgives him and they kiss.

Henderson cleans out Seward's cell, packing all of Seward's belongings into a plastic bin.

Becker clears out his locker and tells Henderson he's leaving the job to focus on life at home. He tells Henderson that he became a prisoner of the job and warns him not to do the same.

Holder joins Linden at an auto junkyard, where they examine a new case -- a car that was recently set on fire. A charred body lies inside.

At the fast food joint where she now works, Lyric clears Danette's table. Danette introduces herself as Kallie's mom and they talk about Bullet. Danette comforts Lyric as she tears up and, as a motherly gesture, offers to cut her hair sometime.

Twitch tries to cook eggs at the new apartment. Frustrated, he gets a cigarette and finds a baggie of drugs in his pocket. He contemplates using them.

Holder stops by his office and finds Reddick packing up. Reddick says he's not partnered with Jablonski. Holder apologizes for hitting him. Although he's upset, Reddick assures Holder that he won't be pressing charges.

In his office, Skinner tells Linden the D.A. is formally charging Joe Mills. He invites her to join him at his lake house that weekend, but she says she needs to focus on her new case. Holder interrupts to alert her that the coroner has some details on the burnt body.

In the car, Holder teases Linden about her relationship with Skinner. "Going to the lake, making a fire?" he jokes, honking the horn in jest. Linden laughs.

Danette stands on the bridge that Kallie used to frequent. She closes her eyes, counts to five and opens them -- just like she used to do when playing hide and seek with Kallie.

As Lyric walks home from work through the Jungle, a john pulls up in his car. She pauses and shyly smiles at him.

Twitch sits alone on a rooftop and dumps out the baggie of drugs. He smiles.

At the morgue, the coroner reports to Linden and Holder that the charred body is a female. She was shot three times and her teeth were removed postmortem. She also reveals that the victim is missing a finger, likely sawed off two weeks prior. Linden notes that the victim could be Angie Gower.

Outside, Holder and Linden try to make sense of this latest discovery. Holder speculates that a cop may have framed Mills by planting the rings in the storage unit, since only a cop would have known that Mills was a suspect. Struggling to believe Holder may be right, Linden notes that this victim was killed differently than the others and points out that the D.A. is charging Mills as they speak.

While Holder retrieves the case file at the station, Linden studies the faces of her fellow officers. She briefly locks eyes with Reddick.

In the car, Linden leafs through the case file and comes across a photo of Kallie's blue ring. She notes the ring wasn't found in the storage unit. Holder theorizes about the killer's first murder and asks Linden who the first victim was. She says it was Bridget Delahanty.

Holder and Linden visit Bridget's father, who admits Bridget had been arrested several times. Holder studies a wall of family photos and spots a photo of Bridget posing with Reddick. Mr. Delahanty says Reddick used to be their neighbor and got Bridget into the Junior Officers program.

As they leave, Holder surmises that Reddick killed Angie to keep her quiet, but can't explain the Trisha Seward connection. Linden spots a treehouse in a neighboring yard and has a revelation: Seward mentioned he built a treehouse for Adrian in the woods, and the woods closest to the Seward's home are the ones surrounding the pond where the 17 bodies were found.

Holder and Linden trek through the woods near the pond until they find a treehouse. Linden climbs the ladder and discovers Adrian's name carved into the tree's trunk. Holder walks to the edge of the pond and discovers he has a clear view of Linden in the treehouse. "They saw each other," Linden says. "He wasn't coming to the apartment to kill Trisha. He was coming to kill Adrian."

A car follows Adrian as he walks home from school. Adrian sees the driver's face and drops his soccer ball, staring.

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