Eminent Domain, Episode 6

Eminent Domain

Sarah and Holder catch up to the latest victim. Seward comes face to face with his past.

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At the police station, Danette demands to see Linden and tells the desk sergeant that Joe Mills took her daughter. She blows up at the sergeant, then gets arrested.

At the hospital, Linden and Holder question Angie Gower, the victim found at the vet's office. Angie describes her encounter with the Pied Piper, saying she saw his eyes in the rear view mirror but could not see his face in the darkness. Linden presents her with a photo lineup that includes Joe Mills and is frustrated when Angie cannot identify any of them as her attacker.

In the hallway, Holder scolds Linden for pushing Angie too hard. Angie's inability to identify Mills and the lack of evidence connecting Mills with Trisha Seward's murder causes Holder to question if Mills is the right guy. Linden argues that fear may have stopped Angie from identifying Mills.

Reddick arrives at the hospital and tells Holder the vet tech didn't see the person who dropped Angie at the clinic. Linden heads to the station to speak with Danette. She tells Holder to get a sketch artist to the hospital to meet with Angie.

At the station, Linden tells Danette that Mills has already left the hotel. Danette reminisces about Kallie's childhood and begs Linden to find her.

That night, Seward hears Alton tearing sheets in his cell to make a noose. Seward starts to talk him out of committing suicide but can see that Alton has made up his mind. Alton asks Seward not to yell for the guards and Seward complies, speaking a few encouraging words as Alton hangs himself from his cell window.

Henderson arrives late to work and learns that Becker already left, leaving the cell block unwatched. He finds Alton's body and immediately calls for medical assistance.

At the station, Linden and Holder update Skinner on Angie Gower and Joe Mills.

In Skinner's office, Adrian's foster parents complain about Linden visiting Adrian at the playground. They say he's now back to sleeping in the closet, a habit he had throughout his early childhood.

In her car, Linden shows Holder photos and the apartment floor plan from the Trisha Seward file, which he realizes she's had all along. Since there's no closet in Adrian's bedroom, Linden realizes he may have slept in the closet in the room where Trisha was murdered.

Holder and Linden visit the apartment where Trisha Seward was killed. As Linden picks the lock, Holder suggests they approach the case by getting inside the killer's head. They break into the vacant apartment, and Linden lays down in the closet, where she discovers glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. She peers through an air vent at the bottom of the closet door and is able to see Holder when he stands in the spot where Trisha was murdered. She concludes that if Adrian was sleeping in the closet that night, he must have seen his mother's killer.

At the station, Skinner expresses frustration that his team still hasn't tracked down Mills. Linden tells Skinner her new theory about Adrian and again points out similarities between Trisha Seward's murder and the other victims. Skinner still isn't convinced there's a connection.

Linden tells Skinner that the two of them are responsible for preventing Seward's execution if he is innocent. Skinner worries that Linden is getting "too close" to the case again and reminds her that it was hard for him when she fell apart during their initial investigation a few years ago. Linden leaves in frustration after Skinner instructs her to focus on finding Mills.

Henderson asks Seward why he didn't help Alton by calling for the guards. "I did help him," Seward says, before requesting a visitation.

Danette approaches Bullet in an alley and asks if she knows where Kallie might be.

In a visitation room, Seward sits face to face with his father, also a prisoner. His father expresses surprise that Seward wanted to meet with him. "Something happened that changed my mind," Seward says. Seward's father tells him that he "called in a favor" to get the razor blade Seward ultimately used to cut off his tattoo, hoping he would attack Becker. Seward's father takes credit for his son's toughness and says he taught him some things. Seward scoffs at his father's skewed perception of their relationship and reminds him that he abandoned their family. As Seward leaves, his father says he's proud of him for serving his sentence like a man. Seward replies that dying in a jumpsuit doesn't make him a man.

Bullet takes Danette to the riverfront, one of Kallie's favorite spots. Danette tells Bullet that Kallie didn't get how to play hide and seek when she was little. "I'd open my eyes and she'd still be standing right in front of me," she says. Bullet tells Danette that Kallie will be alright.

Linden visits Seward to ask if he knows Joe Mills. He says no. She mentions her theory that Adrian saw Trisha's killer. "I know you didn't kill your wife," she says, trying to solicit his help in getting Adrian to discuss what he remembers. Seward explodes at Linden for coming to this realization 12 days before his execution.

Bullet finds Lyric alone in her hotel room, upset about Twitch. Lyric asks Bullet to keep her warm in bed, and they discuss Kallie. Lyric tells Bullet that she notices her, and the two share a kiss.

At the station, Holder stares intently at the bulletin board of victims' photos. "It's like he's on a crusade, a mission," he says, noting that the killer hunts girls who have lost their way. "He's the shepherd, they're his flock," Linden adds.

Reddick informs them that Angie snuck out of the hospital. Skinner says that they've now lost their only witness and orders everyone to find her that night. Linden proposes they check Beacon Home.

An employee shows Linden and Holder into Pastor Mike's office at Beacon Home. As they wait, Holder looks at a bulletin board filled with photos of Beacon Home kids. "Shepherd of his flock," Holder says.

Danette closes her trailer door and locks it, then changes her mind and unlocks it.

Pastor Mike joins Linden and Holder and apologizes for the wait. Linden and Holder exchange looks.

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