Sayonara, Hiawatha, Episode 9

Sayonara, Hiawatha

Richmond attempts to help the investigation. Sarah tracks down Rosie's key. Stan realizes his son is in trouble. Mitch reaches her destination.

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Holder calls Linden from police headquarters to tell her their office has been emptied out. Lt. Carlson informs Holder that the Larsen case has been transferred to County Police and says he's risking his career by staying on as Linden's partner. When Holder defends Linden, Carlson tells Holder that Linden once spent a month in a psych ward after she "completely lost it working on a case."

Waiting in her car outside of police headquarters, Linden watches as Gil Sloane exits the building, tosses something into his car, and drives away.

Holder calls County looking for Rosie's case files but is unable to reach anyone in Evidence. When Linden suggests they circumvent Gil and the County Police, Holder reminds her she's suspended.

Linden and Holder visit Richmond to ask him to use his pull with Nicole Jackson to get them access to the casino. Richmond replies that his own relationship with her is not on good terms.

In the car, Holder says he has friends in County who might be able to help track down the case files. Linden apologizes for making Holder split up with her at the reservation on the day he was assaulted. "We're good now. You're still my BFF," he reassures her.

After parking at her motel, Linden finds Jack's jacket in the back seat and begins to sob.

The next morning, Mitch goes to see David Rainer, Rosie's biological father, and learns that Rosie recently visited him. Unaware Rosie is dead, David tells her that Rosie wanted to know more about Mitch's life.

The elementary school principal calls Stan about an incident involving Tommy.

Holder finds Linden fast asleep in her car and tells her Rosie's case files never made it to County.

Gil arrives at his apartment to find it's been ransacked by Holder, who is still there. Holder demands to know the whereabouts of the Larsen case files. Gil denies knowing anything.

Outside, Holder tells Linden he couldn't find the files in Gil's apartment. While Holder was inside, Linden took Gil's GPS from his car, and they access it and find two addresses visited by Gil the previous night. Holder guesses that Gil stashed the case files at one of the locations.

In a meeting with Richmond, Jackson reveals plans to build a museum and gift shop on the waterfront, and requests tax-exempt status for all tribal lands in the city in exchange for her endorsement. Richmond responds by asking Jackson to let the police search the casino. When she refuses, he ends the negotiation.

At school, the principal tells Stan that Tommy stomped on a nest of baby birds. Stan is surprised but says boys just do "dumb stuff." The principal suspends Tommy for two weeks.

Holder and Linden pull up to one of the addresses Gil visited, a Greek restaurant. Holder recalls previously visiting the restaurant with Gil, as well as that Gil has a storage unit in the back. They find the unit and break in.

In the school parking lot, Stan yells at Tommy and takes TV and video games away from him for three months, saying Rosie "never pulled crap like this." Tommy shouts, "I hate her, I'm glad she's dead." Stan slaps him.

Despite Jamie's insistence, Richmond refuses to negotiate with Jackson, calling her a "self-serving charlatan." Jamie says Richmond will never win the race with such a squeaky-clean campaign, and Richmond later admits to Gwen that he's probably going to lose.

Inside the storage unit, Linden finds a plastic bag containing the Larsen evidence and pulls out Rosie's key.

As Mitch and David reminisce about the past, David mentions that Rosie was planning a trip to California to see the monarch butterflies. As Mitch leaves, David asks if Rosie is his child. "No, she's Stan's," Mitch says.

Stan apologizes to Tommy at home. "Everybody leaves," Tommy cries. "And now you wanna go," Denny adds. Stan reassures them they'll never be alone.

At the casino, Holder and Linden wait for Mary to let Linden into the casino through the kitchen, where she'll avoid security cameras. In the meantime, Holder maps out Linden's route to the elevator.

Mayor Adams meets with Gwen, who tells him to walk away from the waterfront project. She threatens to tell her father -- a key figure in Adams' political career -- about an intimate moment they shared years ago. "I was 14 years old," she points out, but Adams says her father already knows. "Richmond must be really desperate to put you up to this," he says.

Mitch calls Stan to say Rosie had been planning a trip. "She was leaving, Stan," she says, crying. Stan asks how Mitch is doing, but then says he has to go.

Linden realizes Mary is too scared to let her into the casino and enters on her own. Meanwhile, Holder distracts the security guards by causing a commotion on the casino floor, finally leaving when Roberta Drays shows up.

Linden gains access to the 10th floor construction site and calls Holder to relay what she sees. She turns on a generator and opens a sliding glass door, both of which sound identical to the background noises heard in Rosie's voice mail to Alexi. As Linden gazes at the Seattle skyline from a balcony, she deduces that Rosie was leaving town that night, came to the 10th floor to say goodbye to the city, and must have seen Michael Ames meeting with someone.

Back inside, she notices a key card from City Hall between some exposed floorboards. The card is smeared with blood. As Linden begins to tell Holder what she's found, a blow to the back of the head knocks her to the floor.

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