Ogi Jun, Episode 4

Ogi Jun

Sarah and Holder identify the mystery man with the tattoo while Jamie attempts to enlist Gwen's help and Stan learns his past may have come back to haunt him.

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Linden and Holder stake out the Larsen garage and inspect the contents of Rosie's backpack. Referring to Gil Sloane, Holder says he knows a "lab rat" who could discreetly run forensic tests. As they watch a group of men pile into two Larsen moving vans, Holder says that it's unlikely they're Stan's employees.

Linden and Holder follow the vans to the back of Babka's Polish Restaurant -- owned by Janek Kovarsky, Holder notes. They watch as boxes are loaded into the vans.

At the Larsen home, Stan receives a phone call about Belko. "No, you're not cremating him," he says. Terry tells Stan that Tommy has been acting out for two days. Stan replies that he's going to the morgue to get Belko's body. They're distracted by a TV news report about the fire at the Beau Soleil building that mentions Rosie's connection to the escort service.

In the garage, Terry finds Denny locked in the trunk of the car. When Terry asks Tommy why he did it, he shouts, "You're not my mom!"

Linden and Holder visit Cory Petersen, a mob expert with the FBI. They fill him in on the possible mob connection to the Larsen case and show him the tattoo from Rosie's Super 8 film. He doesn't recognize the tattoo, but notes that arson is Janek's specialty. Petersen also confides that the FBI suspects Stan killed a man named Piotr Michaelski in exchange for being allowed to leave the mob. Piotr was found in the trunk of a car, hands bound, shot in the head. Petersen mentions Piotr had a wife.

At the hospital, an occupational therapist brings Richmond a wheelchair. Richmond criticizes his lack of empathy and sends him away.

Linden and Holder question Monica Krol, Piotr's wife, who says the police should have arrested Stan 17 years ago.

At the station, Holder suggests they ask Rosie's friend Sterling Fitch if she recognizes the tattoo. Linden gets a phone call from a lawyer, who says that her ex-husband is suing for joint custody of Jack.

At school, Sterling tells Linden and Holder that the tattoo belongs to a man who used to hang around Rosie's house and creeped Rosie out. Down the hall, Jasper Ames watches them.

Jamie calls Gwen, who is now in D.C., to get help with an occupational therapy questionnaire about Richmond. As Gwen describes Richmond's daily morning routine, her voice breaks.

In a juvenile prison, Linden and Holder question Benissimo, who's known among the inmates for his tattoo work. Linden sneaks him a candy bar and shows him the tattoo photo. Benissimo says he gave the tattoo to a foster kid named "Giffs."

At the hospital, Richmond orders Jamie to help him into the wheelchair. Jamie can't support Richmond's weight, and they topple to the floor.

At the police station, Holder tells Linden that "Giffs" is Alexi Giffords, a foster child who passed through five homes in 10 years. Giffords' file reveals that he lives three blocks from the Larsens.

At the morgue, Stan learns that a funeral home has already retrieved Belko's body.

Stan walks into a church and finds Janek sitting by Belko's closed coffin. "Belko never had what you got," Janek says, reminiscing about what a valuable cohort Stan used to be. He informs Stan that school bullies have been teasing Tommy about Rosie.

While staking out Alexi's house, Linden tells Holder that Alexi's foster records are off limits without Alexi's consent.

Mayor Adams and Benjamin Abani visit Richmond, and Adams says his offer still stands to support a Richmond campaign in four years. Richmond voices his suspicion that Adams was responsible for his arrest.

Back at the stakeout, Holder recalls that Linden, like Alexi, ran away from foster homes as a child. She denies it and orders him to get out of the car and keep an eye on the house.

Stan witnesses Tommy getting bullied at school and instructs him to fight back rather than walk away.

Terry calls the Ames' house. Sally Ames answers, and Terry hangs up. "Wrong number," Sally tells her husband Michael.

At the hospital, Richmond informs Jamie that he's withdrawing from the race. Jamie angrily discourages him, saying he's spent 10 years fighting for him. "Get a life, Jamie," Richmond responds.

Linden visits Regi to ask for access to Alexi's foster file. Regi refuses, but Linden argues that it might help solve Rosie's murder.

While mopping his van, Stan finds frayed wiring on the floor and goes to confront Janek at his restaurant. Janek admits to burning down Beau Soleil, and Stan accuses him of playing a role in Rosie's murder. A young thug slips out the door.

At the stakeout, Holder sees the thug who left Janek's restaurant arrive at the house. Noticing an Ogi Jun tattoo on the thug's arm, he realizes the thug is Alexi. Alexi sees Holder, bolts, and gets away.

A Department of Children's Services case worker meets Linden in her car. She reveals that Alexi's birth name is Michaelski and that his mother is Monica Krol.

Holder finds a photo of a young Alexi with Piotr in Alexi's apartment.

In his wheelchair, Richmond stares at his reflection in a mirror.

Monica stops by the Larsen's garage and tells Stan he got what he deserved.

At Alexi's apartment, Linden finds an Ogi Jun comic and pulls a piece of paper out of it. It's a sketch of Rosie with her face scratched out.

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