Off the Reservation, Episode 8

Off the Reservation

When Holder goes missing, Linden is desperate to find him. Stan takes matters into his own hands. Richmond returns to City Hall.

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Linden calls a police dispatcher to request a search team for Holder but is told the order cannot come from her. "Then run it up the chain of command," she barks.

Linden brings Jack to Holder's apartment, where he asks her to stay and "let the other cops do their job." She receives a call and learns Lt. Carlson denied her authorization for a search party.

At the station, Linden storms into Carlson's office and warns him it will look bad if Internal Affairs finds out he did nothing while a cop died in the field. Carlson argues that his officers are too busy fielding tips for Stan's $12,000 reward.

Linden drives back to the reservation and encounters a road block. "Seattle police don't have jurisdiction here," Roberta Drays threatens her. Linden replies that the case will fall under federal jurisdiction if something happens to Holder. Carlson arrives with a search team and tells Linden they have until dawn, when the tribe's lawyers show up.

Officers sweep the grounds and turn up Holder's Pez dispenser. They comb a nearby dump into the morning hours, at which point a young girl catches Linden's eye and points into the woods. Linden leads the search team in that direction, and the search dogs pick up a scent.

Meanwhile, Nicole Jackson and her lawyers meet Carlson at his car.

Back in the woods, the search team locates Holder's unconscious body propped up against a tree. His face is bloody.

Outside the hospital, Richmond tells the press he's relieved to be going home but ignores a reporter's question about his whereabouts on the night of Rosie's murder.

At Holder's hospital room, a doctor tells Linden that Holder has several contusions, broken ribs, and is suffering from exposure. Linden calls Jack to check in and tell him that Holder is okay.

At the Larsen house, Stan answers a phone inquiry about the $12,000 reward. Tad Marek arrives to look after the Larsen boys while Stan takes care of incoming tips. Tad tells Stan that attention generated by the reward may not be good for the family, but Stan disagrees.

At the hospital, Holder's sister Liz gives Linden a matchbook from the B.B. Hair Emporium -- the matchbook that Mary the casino maid gave to Holder. "The first thing he said when he got here: Give this to Linden," she says. Sarah notes the "Tomorrow 11 a.m." written on the matchbook and checks her watch.

Back at the campaign office, Jamie insists that Richmond tell voters where he was on the night of Rosie's murder. Richmond refuses.

At B.B. Hair Emporium, Mary tells Linden that she and Rosie worked together as casino maids and that she saw Rosie boarding the casino's elevator on the night of her murder, even though she wasn't scheduled to work that night. She adds that everyone's 10th floor keys were taken away after that night. When Linden notices Mary's chapped red hands, Mary attributes them to the cheap cleaning chemicals that Chief Nicole Jackson insists they use -- the same chemicals found on Rosie's hands. Mary says Jackson "controls everything on the Rez."

Richmond shows up at the City Council chambers, where Mayor Adams reveals that he is working a deal with Jackson to obtain the waterfront property from her tribe. "I know about the photo," Richmond says and leaves. Visibly shaken, Adams orders Benjamin Abani to find out who leaked the information.

At the station, Stan gives Linden a stack of tips but she warns him they won't help. "You open a door like this and people will take advantage of you," she says.

Linden arrives at her office to find her belongings being packed into boxes. Carlson asks for her badge and gun and blames her for putting them in a political mess. "You disobeyed orders and as a result nearly got your partner killed," he says, adding that every officer wants retribution for the attack on Holder.

While brainstorming new campaign strategies with Jamie, Gwen suggests they attack the cornerstone of Adams' campaign, the waterfront development project, by ensuring the tribe doesn't give him the land.

Linden arrives at Holder's apartment but is ordered out by police officers. Panicked by Jack's absence, she learns that he was gone before the cops arrived.

Stan meets a tipster who says that Rosie told her all about him and that she loved him. The tipster turns out to be a psychic who offers to contact Rosie for a fee.

Linden finds Jack alone at Regi's vacant dock. He says he ran when the cops pulled up, assuming they were going to take him away.

Gwen tells Richmond that she scheduled a meeting between him and Jackson for the next morning. He chastises her for not consulting him, but she says they have no time. "You make the time. I pay for your bad decisions, not you," he snaps, then blames her for talking to police about his whereabouts on the night of Rosie's murder. "What was I supposed to think?" she counters. "You lied to me."

At the hospital, Holder wakes up to find his nephew Davie alone in the room with him. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Holder gives Davie a gold coin to replace the one he took from him in his junkie days. Holder's phone rings repeatedly, and he finally picks up.

At the airport, Linden sees Jack off on a fight to Chicago to go stay with his father. "We'll see each other soon, I promise," she says. As she sadly looks out the airport window, Holder appears beside her and says Jack called him. He puts his arm on Linden's back.

Stan arrives home and ignores the messages on his answering machine.

At the campaign office, Jamie finds a gun in Richmond's drawer.

In her car, Linden tells Holder that Rosie's key will get them onto the 10th floor. "We need to get that key," she says. Holder doesn't respond.

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