Keylela, Episode 7


The investigation returns to the casino. Tension erupts at the Larsen house. Stan meets Richmond face to face for the first time to make an uneasy alliance.

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At Holder's apartment, Linden says the person who put the drawing on her motel refrigerator "knows things about me." Holder insists she's safe at his place. Outside, Roberta Drays watches the apartment from her car.

The next morning, Holder cooks breakfast burritos. Linden peruses a book Holder has about monarch butterflies and discovers the existence of a butterfly migration observation site within the Wapi Indian Reservation. A police tech calls Linden to report that a buzzing noise heard in Rosie's voicemail is likely the cooling fan of a diesel generator commonly used by construction companies. Linden asks Holder to track down any business records between Michael Ames' construction company and the Wapi casino.

At the hospital, Gwen suggests trying to change voters' perception of Richmond by getting Stan to make a statement on his behalf, saying she can secure Stan's cooperation by negotiating for a reduced sentence with the prosecutor in Stan's assault case. Out of Richmond's earshot, Jamie says the prosecutor will never strike a deal. Gwen agrees, but says Stan doesn't need to know.

Sterling stops by the Larsen garage to give Stan the contents of Rosie's locker, which is being given to another student. Stan asks Sterling if Rosie was happy, recalling that Rosie looked sad the last time he saw her.

Linden drops Jack off at a new motel and rushes back out after receiving a call from Holder.

In Linden's car, Holder says Ames' construction company is involved in a $50 million renovation project at the casino. Linden asks him to scope out the casino while she explores Point Yubec, where she believes Rosie filmed the butterfly migration. She also mentions that Chief Nicole Jackson has been publicly accused of pocketing the casino's profits. "I think Rosie felt trapped," she adds, then bristles when Holder expresses concern for her mental state and calls her "ghost whisperer."

At the Larsen house, Gwen and Jamie ask Stan to endorse Richmond in exchange for a lighter sentence in his assault case. Stan refuses when Gwen balks at putting the deal in writing.

Linden arrives at Point Yubec and follows a trail, ignoring a "Keep Out" sign.

At the casino, Holder tells a blackjack dealer that he's looking for a good time. The dealer hands him a chip and tells him the bartender will hook him up.

In Richmond's hospital room, Gwen admits her ruse with Stan to Richmond and says they'll focus the press conference around Richmond's recovery instead.

Linden enters a burial ground and is stopped by Jackson. As two thugs approach, Linden reminds Jackson that she's a cop. "Anything can happen on this land, detective," Jackson says. "You've been warned."

In Stan's garage, Richmond tells Stan he had no role in Rosie's murder and that Stan doesn't need to do anything for him. Stan says no one cares about Rosie anymore. "Make them care about her," Richmond says.

At a bar, Holder asks a prostitute to take him to the construction site. She refuses, but a male prostitute offers to take him. Holder leaves after the escort says the site is on the 10th floor.

Holder pushes the elevator button for the 10th floor, but it doesn't work. He rides to the ninth floor and walks up the final flight of stairs, but the stairwell door is locked.

Jackson and her thugs escort Linden to her car and see her off.

Back on the elevator, Holder encounters Mary, a casino maid, who hands him a book of matches. After stepping off, she calls back, "I hope Rosie's family got her backpack OK," and the doors close before a surprised Holder can chase after her. On the matches is a note, "Tomorrow 11am." The elevator arrives at the lobby, where Holder is greeted by tribal policeman.

Linden calls Holder to warn him that Jackson's men chased her off the reservation.

At the Larsen house, Denny mentions that the police talked to Terry at school. When pressed for details, Terry tells Stan that they asked about Michael Ames, who she met through Beau Soleil. Stan angrily orders her to leave.

Arriving at her motel, Linden calls the police tech to request information about the burial grounds at Point Yubec. She finds Jack talking to officers from Child Protective Services.

At the casino, the tribal police handcuff Holder, who says he's a cop. "Not here you ain't," one of the tribal cops replies.

Back in the motel room, the Child Protection officers question Linden. Jack tells Linden he needs to go to the bathroom, where he climbs out the window. Linden pretends to get a work call, steps out of the room, and meets Jack at the car. As they drive off, Jack cries and yells at her to leave him alone.

At Richmond's press conference, Stan shows up and offers a $12,000 reward to anyone who can find Rosie's killer. "Somebody's going to pay for this," he says.

Jackson's men drive Holder past tribal police headquarters. "You missed it," he notes. No one responds.

In her car, Linden leaves a message for Holder, warning him that something is going on.

Holder is brought to a remote clearing in the woods, where Jackson is waiting along with Roberta and some thugs. Jackson notes that Holder and Linden have gone where they weren't supposed to. "Too bad for you she already got the warning," Jackson says.

As Roberta and the thugs beat Holder, a smiling Jackson calls Linden on Holder's phone and holds it out so Linden can listen to the assault.

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