Bulldog, Episode 11


After returning to the casino, Sarah and Holder find themselves on the run. Stan and Richmond must make life-altering decisions that will decide their fates.

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After leaving the psych hospital, Linden tells Holder they must retrieve the City Hall keycard. He points out they can't search the casino without a federal warrant. "Then we'd better get one," she says.

At the campaign office, Gwen announces Richmond trails in the polls by only two points. As the team cheers, Jamie says Richmond could win if fans of his online basketball video go out and vote.

While Mayor Adams watches the online video in his office, Benjamin Abani smirks: "Half of Seattle still thinks he's a killer." Abani reports that Jamie's ex-girlfriend at the DA's office leaked information to the Richmond campaign and that he plans to go speak with her.

At City Hall, Linden and Holder ask Gwen to obtain a federal search warrant through her father, Senator Eaton. Gwen relents when Linden insists Gwen's actions can change how the city is run.

Stan receives a call at home and learns there's a buyer for his house. As Terry loads paper into the fax machine for Stan, she is startled by a crime scene photo of Rosie's body in his desk drawer.

Outside a downtown government building, Gwen asks her father to obtain a search warrant for the casino from the attorney general. When the senator points out Nicole Jackson is one of his biggest political supporters, she threatens to publicize that he knew Mayor Adams kissed her when she was only 14.

In her car, Linden calls Jack after missing numerous calls from him, but he's distracted and cuts the call short.

Holder tells Linden the warrant has been secured and they enter the casino with a team of FBI agents. When Roberta Drays stands in their way, Holder waves the warrant in her face.

Mayor Adams visits Richmond at his office to say he knows about the suicide attempt and is giving him until 9 p.m. to withdraw "or the whole country will know what a coward you are."

Janek and Alexi approach Stan in his garage. After sending Alexi outside, Janek threatens to harm the Larsen family unless Stan agrees to kill Joseph Nowak for talking to the police. Alexi reenters the garage in time to overhear Stan reply, "I took care of Piotr for you. That was it, that was our deal."

On the 10th floor of the casino, an FBI agent asks Chief Jackson for access to security camera footage while Linden orders other agents to tear up the newly-installed floor.

Richmond tells Jamie and Gwen about his suicide attempt and decides to withdraw from the race. Jamie wants to spin the situation, but Gwen agrees with Richmond. "The voters would never support him. He withdraws now, he still has a political future," she reasons.

At the park, Stan asks Terry to take care of the boys should anything happen to him, then leaves without further explanation.

Drays tells the search team that their warrant expires in 10 minutes. After looking beneath the floorboards, Linden shakes her head, and the team leaves the room empty-handed. Later, Linden reveals to Holder that she found the keycard, but advises against him submitting it into evidence.

Drays shows Chief Jackson footage of Linden holding up the keycard to the security camera in the elevator. Jackson explodes in anger, shoving Drays out of the room and then crushing Drays' fingers in the door as she slams it shut behind her. Jackson then makes a phone call. "They've got your keycard," she says.

Stan drives his truck through a rundown residential neighborhood in search of an address.

Mayor Adams barks into a phone, "I thought you said this couldn't come back to me." When Lt. Carlson enters his office, Adams orders him to arrest Linden in exchange for a possible promotion.

As Stan stakes out Nowak's house, he retrieves a gun from the glove compartment.

Linden and Holder realize they're being tailed by police, and Holder runs a red light to shake them. At the station, an officer informs Lt. Carlson that they lost Linden and Holder's car but traced Linden's location via her cell phone.

Stan sneaks up as Nowak attempts to start his car but stops when he sees a baby in the back seat. Nowak sees Stan and tries to fight, but is quickly overpowered. "Janek knows," Stan says and orders Nowak to leave town. "If you ever come back to Seattle, I will kill you."

Janek gets into his car, where Alexi is hiding in the backseat. Alexi aims a gun at Janek's head. "This is for my father," Alexi says and pulls the trigger.

That night, Richmond kicks off a campaign rally and thanks his supporters.

Lt. Carlson stops Linden and Holder from entering City Hall but stands aside after Linden reveals the keycard.

At the rally, Richmond tells a hushed crowd that he tried to kill himself on the night of Rosie's murder. "I want you to know that I will keep showing up for you, and that I will never stop fighting," he reassures them, exiting the stage to a smattering of applause.

Linden and Holder try the keycard at Mayor Adams' offices, but the door remains locked. When they try the keycard at Richmond's offices, the door opens.

As he drives through his neighborhood, Stan sees Tom and Denny trick-or-treating with Terry. When he arrives home, he finds Mitch sitting at the kitchen table.

Richmond wheels himself through a crowd of voters and journalists as Jamie and Gwen watch.

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