72 Hours, Episode 10

72 Hours

Sarah teeters on the edge. Stan attempts to make amends. Richmond receives an unexpected boost in the mayoral race.

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Linden wakes up in a hospital bed with an ID bracelet on her wrist. She walks down the hall and tries to open a locked door, on which a sign reads: "Psychiatry Acute Ward."

In the waiting room, Lt. Carlson tells Holder that according to Chief Jackson, Linden attacked a casino worker while trying to kill herself. Holder says the tribe is hiding evidence, and he alerts Lt. Carlson that the Larsen case files disappeared en route to county police. "Guess you're in the wrong circle of trust," Holder says.

Linden tries to call Holder from a nursing station but is told the phone is only available during certain hours. She learns she's on suicide watch for 72 hours.

At the Larsen home, Stan apologizes to Terry, who says the case may never be solved. "You're angry because you can't let go," she says, and suggests he fix what he can.

From his car, Stan watches Amber and Bennet Ahmed kiss at their front door. Bennet holds their newborn baby.

At the marina, Holder asks Regi to help release Linden from the hospital, but she says only Linden's psychiatrist can do so. "I've seen what happens to her when she neglects everything else in her life," Regi says. "This is how it started last time."

Holder spots a Mayor Adams billboard at the waterfront construction site and notes Michael Ames is the project manager. He calls a colleague at the station, who discovers a man was arrested and then released after breaking into the site on the night of Rosie's murder.

Stan approaches Amber and Bennet outside their home to admit he was wrong. "I know Rosie cared for you, that she came to say goodbye that night," he says. Bennet angrily threatens to call the police unless Stan leaves.

Linden meets with a psychiatrist, Dr. Kerry, who says Linden may leave the hospital early if she cooperates. Dr. Kerry presents a photocopy of the same drawing of trees Linden found on her motel refrigerator and suggests they discuss the murder case that previously sent Linden to the psychiatry ward.

At a Seattle All Stars event, Jamie argues they should be courting votes they don't already have, but Gwen reassures Richmond, saying he should finish the campaign doing what feels genuine. Richmond shoots some hoops from his wheelchair.

Linden tells Dr. Kerry about the previous murder case, during which she found a six-year-old boy, Adrian, in an apartment with his mother's decomposing body. Adrian, who drew the picture of the trees over and over again, ended up in the foster system.

On the floor of the campaign office, Jamie finds a cufflink with the city seal and asks an aide who closed the office the previous night.

At the waterfront, an officer tells Holder he arrested a man named Joseph Nowak for breaking into the construction site on the night of Rosie's murder, but that Ames let Nowak off the hook. "Whatever Nowak was doing there, it wasn't construction," the officer says, adding that Nowak works for Janek Kovarsky.

Linden discusses both murder cases with Dr. Kerry. "Sometimes it's as though they're trying to tell you something, the victim," she says. Dr. Kerry asks why the two cases mean so much, but Linden clams up, demands to leave, and struggles against two orderlys who come in to restrain her.

Jamie shows the cufflink to Richmond and says Gwen closed the office the night before. "Any idea why she'd be meeting with the mayor?" he asks.

Stan calls Rosie's phone and leaves a tearful message, apologizing for hiding the fact that he wasn't her real father.

Holder meets with Linden during visiting hours and briefs her on the latest developments in the case. A dazed Linden repeats, "I saw a white keycard from City Hall." Holder vows to get her out.

Holder finds Joseph Nowak at a lumberyard and chases him down, demanding to know why he was at the waterfront that night.

Holder meets Lt. Carlson to tell him "all our players are involved" in the murder: Nowak was at the mayor's construction site to bury Indian bones, and his arrest prompted a meeting between Ames, Jackson and Adams. When Rosie saw them, she was killed. He demands Lt. Carlson give him the contact information for Linden's psychiatrist.

Gwen tells Richmond that an upbeat video from his All Stars appearance has become a viral online hit. He asks why she met with Mayor Adams and she says she planned to blackmail him about kissing her when she was underage. Richmond holds her hand.

At the Larsen home, Stan surprises Terry and the boys with a dog. They laugh when the dog pees on the floor.

Talking with Dr. Kerry, Linden expresses doubts about the arrest of Adrian's father for the murder. Dr. Kerry brings up Linden's mother, who abandoned her at age five, and Linden insists she's fine. "Really?" Dr. Kerry asks, pointing out that her son is gone and she was supposed to be married a few days ago. A hospital worker interrupts to say Linden is being released.

In the waiting room, Rick Felder tells Holder he will release Sarah but can't be involved any further. "She's your responsibility now," he says. Linden sees Rick from an adjacent room, but he quickly leaves.

Amber Ahmed walks out her front door and notes the porch light is on, realizing Stan fixed it.

In Rosie's room, Stan turns off a lamp and leaves.

From her car, Gwen hands a man an envelope. "Good work on the Richmond video," she says.

Holder drives while Sarah sleeps in the passenger seat.

At the casino, Chief Jackson talks on her phone: "It's been taken care of. They'll never find anything." Roberta Drays observes as a construction crew continues work on the 10th floor room. The blood-stained City Hall keycard lies unnoticed under the floorboards.

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