Season 1, Episode 5

What You Have Left

Sarah and Holder question a suspect's family and neighbors; Rosie's funeral takes place.

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On Saturday morning, a mortician prepares Rosie's body for her funeral, and the Larsens begin dressing for the service.

Sarah, having spent the night at the police station, investigates links between Rosie's case and those of other missing girls. Regi arrives with Jack, who accepts Sarah's $50 million bet that they'll depart for Sonoma that evening. Regi reminds Sarah about a previous case that obsessed her, warning her not to risk losing Jack again.

Sarah tells Oakes that a serial killer might have murdered Rosie. Holder arrives and asks about getting a search warrant for Bennet's apartment, but Oakes replies that the evidence uncovered thus far is too circumstantial.

Back at the Larsen apartment, Denny traces a line on a map and describes to his brother how bugs and worms invade bodies buried underground, until Tom forces him to stop. Mitch and Stan, meanwhile, argue over a memory of Rosie before comforting each other.

At his office, Richmond apologizes to Gwen for doubting her and announces that Jamie is rejoining the campaign. Gwen asks Richmond when the "keeping me out" will end.

Principal Meyers visits Richmond and notifies him that the police are investigating Bennet. She then solicits Richmond's support for an upcoming school-board election.

Sarah and Holder canvass Bennet's neighborhood for witnesses and learn from a store owner that a girl arrived at Bennet's house on Friday at 10 p.m. Sarah shows the man a photo; he confirms the girl was Rosie.

At the Larsen home, Terry helps Mitch with her dress and makeup. "We're gonna get through this," Mitch assures her sister. Belko, in the garage with Stan, says his friend at Fort Washington High should have some news soon.

Holder and Sarah visit Bennet's apartment. Holder asks if Rosie visited on Friday, and Bennet admits that she did, apologizing for forgetting that she dropped off a book after the dance. When Sarah asks to see the book, Bennet says she can't without a search warrant.

Sarah makes a call to have video from the dance checked in order to determine how late Bennet stayed. Holder wants to arrest Bennet, but Sarah says he’s lying about admitting Rosie to the apartment.

Gwen cancels the ad featuring Bennet, and Jamie advises Richmond to distance himself from him. When Richmond resists, Jamie shouts, "Who you are is five words: 'dead girl in a trunk.'"

Sarah visits the church where Rosie's funeral service is about to begin. Elsewhere, Holder sits in a car with the man who handed him the envelope the day before. The man brings up the Larsen case and, upon learning that Bennet is the prime suspect, tells Holder that Stan previously provided muscle for Janek Kovarsky's mob and that he once had a gambling problem.

As Rosie's coffin arrives at the church, Sarah receives a call and learns that Bennet was on tape at the dance at 11:20 p.m. and couldn't have let Rosie into his apartment. Richmond arrives and asks Sarah if she thinks Bennet killed Rosie. Sarah doesn't answer the question.

At the station, Holder interviews Amber's sister, Grace, who hints at religious differences with Bennet. Amber arrived crying at her house at 1 a.m. the night of the dance, says Grace, upset that Bennet was keeping secrets from her.

Outside of the TV station where Richmond and Mayor Adams will have a debate that evening, Senator Eaton warns Richmond that he'll be committing political suicide if he doesn't cut Bennet loose.

At the cemetery, Denny tosses the map he was tracing into Rosie's grave. "So Rosie can find us when she flies over," he explains to Belko. Nearby, Tom notices a millipede and crushes it.

In the TV studio, Richmond scolds Gwen for dispatching her father to lecture him, but Jamie admits that he is the one who called Senator Eaton. Mayor Adams and Benjamin Abani arrive. "Like to hedge your bets, kid?" Adams asks Jamie, adding, "Love the new commercial."

Rosie's wake takes place in the Larsen’s garage. Stan, in the receiving line with Mitch and Terry, shakes Bennet's hand. Stan's jaw tightens when Michael Ames greets him; Terry's face brightens until Michael eyes her coldly. Terry quickly downs a glass of wine, pours another, and then snarls at Belko, "You do realize you're not part of this family, right?"

Belko's cell phone rings. "It's the teacher," he repeats back to the caller. Belko relays the news to Stan and points out Bennet.

At Bennet’s building, his downstairs neighbor summons Sarah to complain that a nearby resident trains his telescope on her apartment. Sarah visits the man, who says that at 12:03 a.m. the previous Saturday he saw Bennet carrying a girl "wrapped in a blanket, not moving." A "smallish-type person" was helping Bennet carry her, says the man, and they all left in a black car.

Holder meets up with Sarah, and they pound on Bennet's door, but no one answers. Amber, clutching a hammer, crouches on the floor inside.

In the squad car, Holder tells Sarah that an "old buddy of mine" spoke of Stan's connection to the Polish mob.

"Call Bennet right now," says Sarah.

Back at the wake, Bennet's cell phone, which he'd placed on a table, rings, but he doesn't hear it. Stan, listening to Bennet's stories about Rosie, offers to drive Bennet home so he can hear more of them.

At the debate, Richmond makes his case for idealism versus what he calls Mayor Adams's "corporate status quo."

Wine bottle in hand, Terry enters Rosie's room, picks out some music, and lights a joint.

In Stan's truck, Bennet says they've missed his exit. Stan doesn't reply.

Back at the debate, Richmond touts the Seattle All Stars program. Adams asks if one of its mentors is the chief suspect in the Larsen murder, and after Richmond defends Bennet, the mayor accuses him of coddling criminals.

In the Larsen garage, Sarah and Holder learn from Mitch that Bennet is with Stan. Sarah jumps into the squad car.

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