Season 1, Episode 8


The police are stymied while trying to make an arrest. Richmond contemplates dropping out of the race. Fed up with the police, the Larsens take action.

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At the police station, a translator interprets Bennet's wiretapped conversation. The caller tells Bennet that the police know about the meat market and the girl. Sarah orders units to Bennet's building and tells Holder to prepare an arrest warrant for his judge friend to sign.

Mitch calls Sarah and asks if Bennet has been arrested yet. "It will be over tonight," says Sarah.

When Stan arrives home, Mitch tells him the news and hugs him.

Mayor Adams holds a press conference at City Hall and accuses Richmond of smearing him. He denies having sex with anyone besides his wife and claims it’s impossible for him to father a child now because of a medical procedure he underwent.

In Richmond's office, Jamie tells a reporter that his camp did not leak the Adams rumor, while Richmond grumbles to Gwen that it's now his word against the mayor's. Sarah arrives seeking more documents. Richmond again asks if Bennet killed Rosie. Sarah doesn’t answer the question.

After the press conference, Adams instructs Abani to double the pregnant teen's payments and have the mayor's physician fabricate records to back up his medical claim.

At a gym, Holder shows his friend Judge Elliot the warrant for the wiretap, but the judge declines to sign it, citing Holder's reliance on the Patriot Act's anti-terrorism provisions, which he says police often misuse. Holder calls Sarah to tell her the warrant is dead, and Sarah calls off Bennet’s arrest.

In his office the next morning, Oakes reprimands Holder for the wiretap scheme; Sarah covers for him and says it was her idea.

At home, Amber accesses Bennet’s cell phone and writes down Muhammed's phone number.

In Richmond's office, Jamie vows to prove that Adams is lying about the affair, but, when Gwen reports that the Green Street Mosque has been defaced, Richmond orders Jamie to cease negative tactics.

At the Larsens, Terry hands Mitch two textbooks that Rosie left in her car. Mitch says she'll return them to Fort Washington High.

On a moving job, Belko watches as Stan helps a little girl fix her bike.

When Mitch arrives at Fort Washington High, she sees Bennet entering the building.

In her office with Holder, Sarah finds a note in the Koran from the mosque, "Adela Friday 11:45," and suggests that it could refer to an appointment after the dance. Amber arrives at the station and hands over Muhammed's phone number. Speaking about Muhammed and Bennet, Amber says, "I think they did something."

Principal Meyers asks Bennet to leave the school. He responds that she should either fire him or let him teach. Later, Bennet discovers someone has written “KILLER” on his classroom whiteboard, and his students walk out of his class.

Richmond visits the Green Lake Mosque, where Imam Gelabi and his followers are removing anti-Muslim graffiti. "We will rebuild this community," Richmond promises.

The imam responds that Richmond and Adams "both play the same games."

At the station, Holder tells Sarah the phone is registered to Muhammed Hamid. The phone’s GPS places him at a downtown public market.

While leaving to pursue Muhammed, Sarah encounters Mitch, who complains that Bennet is back at school "like nothing ever happened."

At the market, Sarah calls Muhammed's phone and spots him in the crowd when he answers it. Muhammed notices Sarah rushing toward him and flees, but Holder joins the chase, and the detectives capture him.

At a bar, Gwen encourages Richmond to open up to voters about losing his wife, Lily. Richmond resists using a personal tragedy to win the election, describes the night Lily died, and expresses regret over losing his confidante.

Stan arrives home to find Mitch sobbing in Rosie's room. "That man killed our child, and you let him go," Mitch accuses.

As Muhammed sits alone in a police-interrogation room, Holder notes to Sarah that their suspect has a clean police record and therefore no incentive to cooperate.

Richmond visits Drexler to request $5 million for the Somali community. Drexler mocks him, then challenges him: sink a basket in Drexler's penthouse basketball court in just one try, and the money is his. If Richmond misses, he resigns from the mayor's race.

In the interrogation room, Muhammed refuses to yield to threats of jail time and the breakup of his family, but Holder hits a nerve when he insinuates that Bennet will probably turn on Muhammed because Bennet is about to have a daughter of his own.

Suddenly speaking in English, Muhammed describes letting a girl into Bennet's apartment, taking her to the meat market, and then moving her again. When Muhammed refers to the girl as though she is still alive, Sarah shows him a photo of Rosie, whom Muhammed says dropped off a book and left that same night.

"Then who are you talking about?" asks Sarah. Aisha Ramallah, the missing girl from the mosque, explains Muhammed. He and Bennet were trying to spare her from being forced into an arranged marriage and undergoing painful female circumcision.

Muhammed leads Sarah and Holder to the apartment where Aisha is hiding. As they arrive, Sarah receives a call from Amber saying that Bennet has not returned home.

Stan and Belko drive Bennet down an unpaved road and stop. Despite Bennet's protests that he was helping another girl, Stan orders him out of the vehicle. Bennet makes a run for it. Belko tackles him.

At home doing laundry, Mitch finds Rosie’s pink T-shirt that she had identified as missing and calls Stan.

At the apartment, Aisha opens the door.

Back on the road, Stan pummels Bennet.

Richmond arrives at City Hall and places Drexler's basketball on his desk -- a sign that he made the free throw.

At Bennet's apartment, Amber arranges a mobile in the nursery.

At home, Mitch sits clutching the phone.

Back on the road, Stan finally stops punching Bennet, so Belko begins kicking Bennet, until Stan pulls Belko off.

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