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The Cage

The investigation into Rosie’s killer begins as Sarah and Holder question the missing girl’s parents, Stan and Mitch, as well as Rosie’s friends and City Councilman Richmond.

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Mitch sobs in Stan's arms outside the morgue while a medical examiner prepares Rosie's body. As Stan silently identifies his daughter’s body, Mitch turns away in tears.

At the police station, Sarah and Holder interview the Larsens about potential suspects. Mitch, still stunned, fixates on Rosie's broken fingernails, and Stan describes Rosie as a quiet, family-oriented girl who recently broke up with Jasper Ames.

Lieutenant Oakes presents evidence: Rosie's butterfly necklace and a key chain with a bird emblem. Citing sensitive politics, Oakes directs Sarah to take the lead within the Richmond campaign. Oakes tells Sarah he needs her for only one extra day, adding that campaign car keys were found in the ignition.

Sarah phones her fiancé, Rick, who jokes about Sarah’s delay, then hangs up, disappointed.

Sarah urges the Larsens to keep news of Rosie's death within the family. Stan asks if the detectives will find the killer. Sarah glares when Holder responds, “Yes.”

At Richmond's office, Holder undermines Sarah's restrained inquiry with direct questions about alibis. Sarah requests that Richmond not go public with the campaigns involvement in the case because the killer will realize that Rosie’s body has been found.

Gwen and Jamie encourage Richmond to issue a statement immediately, linking the Larsen tragedy to his own wife's death to generate voter sympathy. Richmond refuses and also opts not to inform Councilwoman Yitanes about the potential scandal. In a moment alone with Gwen, he confides that someone in the campaign office tipped off a reporter about the Yitanes endorsement via e-mail. He orders her to begin an internal investigation.

Holder informs Sarah that the Richmond campaign reported the car stolen on Saturday morning. Since multiple campaign workers used the vehicle, the keys were left in the ignition for convenience.

The next morning, a tearful Terry asks Mitch why she didn't call Rosie all weekend.

At Fort Washington High, Jasper confronts Sterling about Rosie. "I'm not sticking it to her anymore," Jasper sneers.

Holder questions Sterling, who says she lost track of Rosie at the dance and assumed she was with Jasper.

Jasper, meanwhile, brags to Sarah about picking up "some old lady" at a bar on Friday night. He then whips out his phone, which Sarah confiscates. As for Rosie, "We hooked up for, like, two seconds," Jasper contends.

"And then Rosie got bored of you?" counters Sarah just before Michael Ames, Jasper's father, barges in and declares the interview over. Alone with Jasper, Michael smacks his son in the face.

Back at the station, Holder labels Jasper the prime suspect, in part because Jasper could afford to buy Rosie the expensive designer shoes that Rosie wore to the dance. Holder becomes further convinced when Lieutenant Oakes discloses that Jasper was previously arrested for auto theft. Oakes also alerts Sarah that Richmond is about to hold a press conference.

At City Hall, Gwen informs Richmond that communications aide Nathan Tays found nothing suspicious in staff e-mails, and Jamie reports that no staffers are suspects in Rosie's murder.

Yitanes enters, demanding to know the "big bad secret" she's been summoned to hear, but Sarah arrives and privately promises to make Richmond look good if he stays quiet until midnight or to look as though he’s obstructing a child-murder investigation if he doesn’t. Richmond agrees, then returns to Yitanes and tells her a story about smoking pot in college. She laughs it off.

Mitch and Stan pick up sons Denny and Tom from school but delay returning home after Stan's employee Belko Royce phones to say detectives are searching Rosie's room.

Back at Fort Washington, Holder shows Sarah a blood-smeared pink wig (like Rosie's) found in the school dumpster. Sarah solicits information from Rosie’s classmates; no one speaks up.

As they campaign door-to-door, Jamie counsels Richmond to notify Yitanes about the Larsen situation, but he pronounces the matter closed.

At the beach with Mitch, Stan tells Tom and Denny that Rosie is in heaven. "She's not coming back 'cause she's dead!" Tom shouts when Denny doesn't comprehend the awful news.

Richmond rendezvouses secretly with Nathan to ask if he investigated Gwen’s and Jamie’s e-mail accounts. Told no, Richmond orders him to do so.

In a girls' bathroom at Fort Washington, Sarah discovers the name "Rosie" scratched in a mirror with a line of Xs across it but doesn't tell Holder.

The Larsens return home, where Terry is cleaning up a vase the detectives broke.

Smoking outside Fort Washington, Holder is approached by two girls who ask if it's pot. "Caught me," he says, offering them a hit. After chatting about campus party places, one girl mentions a hideaway known as "The Cage." Flashlight in hand, Holder locates The Cage in an abandoned boarded-off area of the school basement.

Back at the station, Lieutenant Oakes recites highlights from the coroner's report. The time of death is unclear, but Rosie was alive when the car hit the water; she ripped off her fingernails trying to claw out. "I'm not staying," Sarah responds.

In his office, Stan stares at an old crayoned Father's Day greeting card from Rosie. When he returns home, Mitch does not greet him at the door.

While driving to the Yitanes endorsement, Richmond receives a call from a reporter requesting confirmation about Rosie and the campaign car.

Sarah arrives at The Cage. "It's where the real Halloween party went down," says Holder. Sarah absorbs the scene: blood-soaked mattress, crumpled beer cans, a witch's hat like Rosie's.

At the Larsen apartment, Mitch lies on Rosie's bed clutching a pillow.

Back at The Cage, Sarah eyes a line of bloody handprints on the wall.

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