Season 1, Episode 4

Super 8

Rosie's teacher provides Sarah and Holder with a new piece of evidence.

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When Denny finds no milk in the refrigerator in the morning, he takes money from Stan's wallet, then walks to the store to buy some. Meanwhile, his brother, Tom, wakes up having wet his bed. Slipping downstairs, he discards his pajamas and sheets in the moving company's trash can. Afterward, he catches Denny eating Rosie's cereal and threatens to tell their parents. "They don't care," Denny replies.

At Fort Washington High, Sarah and Holder question Bennet about his access to the Richmond campaign cars, but he denies using one. Bennet insists that he returned home after the Halloween dance; his wife can't corroborate because their floors were being refinished so she stayed with her sister to avoid the fumes. As for the flooring company, they canceled at the last minute and can’t substantiate his alibi.

Sarah asks about the letters to Rosie. They were an "intellectual discourse," Bennet replies. As proof of her creativity, he hands the detectives a Super 8 film that Rosie shot.

At Richmond's apartment, Gwen tells Richmond that the "Larsen girl's still hurting us" and presses him to ask her parents to appear in a commercial.

Richmond slips away to a boathouse, where Jamie jokes about an upcoming meeting with Mayor Adams and again argues that Gwen is the campaign's leak. "I don't buy it," says Richmond.

Back at the Larsen home, Denny complains to Mitch that there's no food in the refrigerator. To Terry’s surprise, Mitch says that she'll go shopping.

Downstairs, Belko informs Stan that customers are canceling jobs to avoid facing him and offers to find out from a friend just whom the police are investigating at Fort Washington High. Learning who killed Rosie won't bring her back, Stan responds. Belko later discovers Tom's pajamas and bedding in the trash.

At the police station, Sarah and Holder screen Rosie's film of hazy images, including swarms of butterflies and bleak urban scenes. "Girl who made that wasn't the pink-bedroom type," notes Sarah, who hopes one shot might contain a reflected face. After watching Sarah view the film, Rick predicts that she'll continue pursuing the case.

At the supermarket, a friend ignores Mitch's wave. Moments later, Richmond appears and recounts his own grief following his wife's death. "It gets better," he assures Mitch. Back in his car, Richmond tells Gwen that Mitch wasn't in the store.

Outside the station, Sarah observes Holder receiving an envelope from a man in a car. In his office, she sees Holder counting what he says are blackjack winnings. Holder informs Sarah that the flooring company says that Bennet canceled the job, not the other way around.

Jamie meets at a private club with Adams and his campaign director, Benjamin Abani, and admits to frustration with Richmond's high ethical standards. Unused to drinking alcohol, Jamie falls ill and pukes in the restroom. While he's recovering, Adams mentions catching Councilwoman Yitanes trying to plant someone in his campaign.

Tom returns home from school to find Belko making his bed with the discarded bedding, which is now clean. Belko promises not to tell Mitch about the bed-wetting incident.

At the funeral home with Mitch, Stan hands Rosie's dress to the undertaker, who says they can see Rosie wearing it if they wait a few moments.

Jamie and Richmond meet again on the sly. Jamie tells Richmond that Yitanes is the leak and reminds Richmond that Gwen previously worked for the councilwoman.

On the drive home from the funeral parlor, Mitch comments that Rosie looked pretty. Stan pulls into a gas station, enters the men's room, and sinks to the floor, sobbing.

At the campaign office, Gwen solicits a television director for a commercial; he asks if it's because they recently slept together.

At Fort Washington High, Holder speculates that a tryst gone awry led Bennet to kill Rosie. Sarah picks up the thread, musing that perhaps he canceled the flooring appointment so he could clean the apartment before his wife returned. The detectives interview Principal Meyers, who divulges that Bennet married a former student.

Sarah and Holder visit Bennet's pregnant wife, Amber, who describes letters Bennet wrote to her while she was in high school, encouraging her to pursue her dreams. Amber says that she drove the couple's car to her sister's house at Bennet's request.

Sarah asks to use the bathroom but instead examines a room containing plastic sheeting and chemicals, including ammonium hydroxide. Holder continues chatting with Amber. Bennet called her at ten o'clock on Friday night, she says, from his cell phone, not the apartment's landline.

Back at the station, Holder wants to arrest Bennet, but Sarah says they must first place Rosie in his apartment. Sarah then requests that Rosie's body be tested for ammonium hydroxide.

Richmond receives an envelope at his office followed by a phone call from Jamie. Minutes later, security guards remove communications aide Nathan Patrick.

That evening, Richmond summons Councilwoman Yitanes to his office, where he accuses her of planting Nathan and trying to manipulate Richmond by having Nathan leak campaign information. Richmond threatens to have Yitanes arrested for felony if she withdraws her endorsement. As a parting shot, Yitanes mentions that Richmond investigated Gwen’s e-mails too.

At the Larsen apartment, Mitch sees Denny relaxing in the tub and demands he get out immediately.

A lab tech informs Sarah that Rosie tested clean for drugs and alcohol but positive for ammonium hydroxide. This could explain the lack of evidence under her nails and the inconclusive tests for sexual assault. The killer sounds like a pro, Sarah remarks.

At the moving company, Stan asks Belko to talk to the friend at Fort Washington.

Elsewhere, Holder stands outside a house, watching a woman and two children inside before placing an envelope in the home's mailbox.

Back at the station, Sarah analyzes stills from Rosie's film.

Richmond, meanwhile, shoots a campaign commercial highlighting his Seattle All Stars program. As the cameras roll, the candidate places an arm around Bennet Ahmed, who works with the program.

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