Season 1, Episode 7


Sarah and Holder unearth new evidence. Richmond tries to climb back into the race.

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Handcuffed on the meat market's floor, Sarah notices a nearby sleeping area for a young girl, which includes a pink T-shirt. The FBI agent releasing Sarah and Holder insinuates the two might have compromised a terrorism investigation.

Outside, Oakes reprimands Sarah for entering the building without a warrant. Sarah argues that the sleeping area could contain evidence related to Rosie's murder, but Oakes orders her to stay away from the Feds' crime scene.

Later, on Regi's boat, Sarah notices that Jack was playing video games on her laptop. She calls the station and asks for the Larsen case files to be emailed to her, saying that Oakes approves.

At home, Stan receives a call from Terry saying that she can't take Tom and Denny to school. Meanwhile, Mitch rearranges the items in Rosie's room. When Stan asks her where she was the previous evening, Mitch replies that she was out shopping and offers to drive the boys.

At City Hall, Jamie proposes hiring investigators to dig up dirt on Mayor Adams. Richmond approves, but forbids personal attacks.

Outside the station, Sarah notices Holder passing an envelope to someone in a car -- the same vehicle whose occupant handed Holder an envelope a few days earlier.

Inside the station, FBI agents cart away Larsen files and evidence. Oakes holds up a newspaper with crime-scene photos and reproaches Sarah for yet another leak. After apologizing, Sarah asks how Holder got hired. Someone important "called in a chit," Oakes replies. Moments later, Oakes excludes Holder from a briefing by the Feds.

As Bennett leaves for school, Principal Meyers calls and instructs him not to come until he is cleared as a suspect.

At the briefing, Sarah learns about the multiple border crossings of one "Muhammed H." and that maps and falsified passports were found at the market. Citing security reasons, an FBI agent refuses to divulge Muhammed's last name.

In the Larsen garage, Mitch realizes that she's forgotten something. Leaving the boys in the SUV with the engine running, she heads upstairs, where a TV report about Rosie's crime-scene photos distracts her. Terry enters the exhaust-filled garage minutes later and panics, but the boys are unharmed.

Hoping to get some more money for Richmond’s campaign, Jamie tracks Tom Drexler down at an underground MMA fight. After Jamie mentions that they’ve hired a private investigator to look into Adams, Drexler says he's got "something that'll bury" the mayor.

At the station, Holder becomes angry when Sarah doesn't disclose what the Feds revealed. “Why don't you make yourself useful and stay here and do nothing," she retorts.

Outside, Mitch confronts Sarah about the release of the crime-scene photos and accuses her of doing nothing.

Jamie breezes into Richmond's office with documents he vows will "floor" the councilman. Gwen dismisses their revelations about Adams as unprovable and irrelevant.

At the Feds' staging area outside the meat market, Sarah poses as a Seattle detective and requests access to the evidence taken from the building. Left alone briefly, she snaps a photo of the pink T-shirt, before being reprimanded by an FBI agent for breaching the evidence's chain of custody.

At home, Amber asks why Bennett won't talk to the police or let Muhammed do so, prompting Bennett to ask if she thinks he's guilty too.

Sarah visits Mitch to show her the photo of the pink T-shirt. Mitch tearfully identifies it as Rosie's, and then complains that Bennett is happily "still living his life."

Back at the station, Oakes bawls out Sarah for her "little stunt" at the staging area, then hints she should depart for California already. Outside, Sarah sees Holder get into the car she saw earlier, so she follows in her own car.

After Stan thanks Terry for everything she's doing for the family, Terry reluctantly informs Stan about the garage incident.

Sarah follows Holder to a run-down neighborhood, where he attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Sarah listens as Holder thanks his sponsor, Gil (the man who drove him there), and describes how as a "rock-bottom junkie" he stole his nephew's prized gold coin to sell for drug money.

When Sarah's phone rings at the end of his confession, Holder catches sight of her as she tries to slip away. The call is from a mother, angry that Jack emailed Rosie's crime-scene photos to her son.

Richmond attends the parole hearing of Debbie Cantwell, who begs forgiveness for causing his wife's death. Afterward, in the courthouse men's room, Richmond shatters the mirror with a single punch.

On the drive back to City Hall, Richmond phones Gwen. "Release the story on Adams," he says. "Now."

In her car, Sarah scolds Jack for emailing the photos and causing the Larsens distress. Jack responds that Sarah only cares about other people's families.

Mitch arrives home to find that Stan has disassembled Rosie's room. They need to "focus on the future," he says, hinting that he knows what happened with the boys in the garage. Mitch blames Stan for letting Rosie stay home on the dance weekend; Stan responds that if Mitch hadn't been so strict, Rosie might not have hidden things from them.

At City Hall, Richmond, Gwen, and Jamie listen to a TV news report about Adams paying the rent on his pregnant, 19-year-old, former intern's apartment.

Holder connects with Sarah at the marina and says that he's had a wiretap placed on Bennett's phone and that he can get a judge-friend from his narc days to sign off on a warrant to ensure the admissibility of any evidence. Without mentioning the NA meeting, Holder asks if Sarah has any questions for him.

"Not anymore," she replies.

At home, Mitch restores Rosie's room to its previous state.

At his apartment, Bennett speaks animatedly on the phone, mostly in Somali. Amber overhears him shift to English. "The passports will be arriving tomorrow," he says. "Then this will all be over."

In the car with Sarah, Holder receives a call. They got something on the wire, he tells her.

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