Season 1, Episode 2

El Diablo

Sarah and Holder track down a potential witness to the murder and are led to a new suspect.

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Outside a union hall, reporters bombard mayoral candidate Richmond with questions about the Rosie Larsen case. "This isn't about politics," he insists.

At Fort Washington High, Sarah discovers a peephole in The Cage. Later, Oakes asks Sarah to remain on the job through the end of the week because Holder isn't capable of the "delicate maneuvering" the case requires.

Back at the union hall, Councilwoman Yitanes calls Richmond a "lying son of a bitch" and says she’s withdrawing her endorsement.

Principal Meyers unlocks a room adjoining The Cage to which only she and school janitor Lyndon Johnson Rosales have a key. The peephole provided a "front-row seat" to The Cage, observes Holder.

At home, Stan tries to stay upbeat while making chocolate-chip pancakes for dinner, then falls silent when Denny asks how Rosie died.

On the street with Sarah, Holder boasts about finding the crime scene. "Assumptions are your enemy," she warns, before ordering him to stop his heavy-handed questioning of suspects.

At the front door of the Rosales’ apartment, Holder distracts Rosales’s mother while Sarah slips inside. As she looks at a teen girlie magazine on the floor, Rosales slashes her arm with a knife. Holder rushes in with his gun; Sarah insists that they just want to talk to Rosales, but he jumps out the window.

At Seattle County Hospital, the injured Rosales is diagnosed with a skull fracture and rushed into surgery. While a nurse bandages Sarah, Holder reports on Rosales’s priors: indecent exposure and "kid tiddlin'." He also notes that Rosales has an alibi: picked up for a DUI, he spent Friday night in the drunk tank.

Sarah phones Rick to explain her latest delay but promises to arrive by Sunday. "Try to get on the plane next time," he replies testily.

On Regi's boat, Sarah describes the better life she envisions for Jack in California. "So what's holdin' you back?" Regi asks.

The next day, Mitch is saddened by hearing Rosie's voice on the Larsen answering machine. She replays the message until Stan -- who's just read morning headlines about Rosie -- walks in and comforts her.

At City Hall, Mayor Adams offers to endorse Richmond in four years if he abandons his current campaign and hints that the police tipped him off about the discovery of Rosie in a campaign car. Later, Richmond complains to Sarah about the Rosie press leak; she denies the police are the source.

In a class at Fort Washington High, Bennet confiscates a cell phone from a student showing his friends a video.

Back at the hospital, Holder distracts a nurse so Sarah can slip inside Rosales’s room to question him. Rosales confirms seeing Rosie (but not Jasper) at the Halloween dance. Pointing to a photo of Kris Echols, Rosales whispers, "El diablo."

At City Hall, Richmond urges staffers to "stay the course," then meets secretly with Nathan, who clears Jamie and Gwen of the Rosie press leak but produces an office e-mail showing who leaked the Yitanes endorsement to the press.

Holder updates Oakes and Sarah about Kris, a runaway expelled from Fort Washington and Jasper's best friend. Reviewing the video from the dance again, Sarah notices someone wearing a devil’s mask.

Richmond shows Gwen the Yitanes e-mail -- Jamie is the leak. They discuss Jamie's possible motivation for betraying him. Jamie is playing both sides in the race, concludes Gwen, and "just wants to win."

While visiting the Larsens, Sarah reveals that Rosie's cause of death was drowning, then learns that Kris lived nearby until three years ago.

Richmond plays street basketball to promote an anti-gang initiative, but the reporters who are present focus on Yitanes and Rosie. Richmond mentions the endorsement leak to Jamie, who blames the cops and then Yitanes, adding that everyone is "playin' both sides."

At the police station, Kris's mother admits that she gave up on her son and tells Holder she last found him at Marginal Way, a skateboard park.

At the skate park, Holder smokes a joint and chats up a teenage girl, who tells him Kris is a regular there. Sarah frowns when Holder returns to the car reeking of pot, but he assures her that what he's smoking is “narc scent.” Noting that the skate park is within walking distance to the Richmond campaign’s parking lot, Sarah wonders if Kris stole the campaign car.

After Jamie outlines a plan to win back Yitanes’s endorsement by offering her husband a city plumbing contract, Gwen accuses him of leaking the Yitanes endorsement. Outraged, Jamie claims that his computer was hacked, then accuses Richmond of letting sex cloud his judgment.

Back at Marginal Way, Holder spots Kris, pins him down, and asks if he caused Rosie to OD. Sarah waits a bit before telling Holder to release Kris.

Yitanes marches into Richmond's office to confront him about suggesting to the press that she'll still endorse him. She softens when Richmond offers the contracting deal in return for her support.

Alone in his classroom, Bennet hears the student's confiscated cell phone ring. While trying to silence it, he pushes a button that restarts the video that his students were watching.

Outside the school, Kris punches Jasper and accuses him of telling the police they were at the dance. Watching from a distance, Sarah notes to Holder that Rosie wouldn't have entered the Cage with Kris but would have "with someone she trusted -- like Jasper."

At home, Stan prepares another pancake dinner and encourages Mitch to relax in the tub.

Sarah, Oakes, and Holder watch the cell-phone video. The footage shows a man, wearing a devil’s mask, forcing himself on a girl in a pink wig and a witch costume. "Bitch, you like this, don't you, Rosie, huh?" the man growls. When the devil’s mask is peeled off, the man is revealed to be Jasper. Jasper then switches roles with the cameraman, who turns out to be Kris.

"Bring 'em in," says Oakes.

At City Hall, Yitanes officially endorses Richmond during a press conference as Jamie quietly leaves the office with a box of his things under his arm.

Back at the Larsen apartment, Stan and the kids eat somberly. In the bathroom, Mitch clings to the side of the bathtub, sobbing.

Alone in her office, Sarah replays the cell-phone video.

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