Season 1, Episode 11

Beau Soleil

The police connect Rosie to a suspicious website. Stan faces his demons while Mitch learns secrets she never knew about Rosie.

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Workers at Mayor Adams's waterfront development project unearth a human skull.

At the police station, Sarah berates Jack's father over the phone about meeting with Jack without telling her. With Holder, she reviews ATM security camera screenshots from the casino that show Rosie wearing the pink sweater found in Discovery Park. Rosie made large cash deposits at the casino’s ATMs for six months, Holder reports, but not to her own account.

On television, Nicole Jackson, speaking as Kulamish Nation chief, tells the press that because the waterfront development site may occupy Indian burial grounds, construction must halt so anthropologists can investigate. "We're dead," Mayor Adams tells Benjamin.

In Richmond's conference room, Jamie gloats, "We're unstoppable," and adds that Tom Drexler has invited Richmond to an impromptu party celebrating the mayor's demise. "I'm done pandering to that degenerate," says Richmond, instructing Jamie to attend instead.

In Stan's office, Mitch hears Janek Kovarsky's message on the answering machine. She asks Belko if Stan is working for Janek again, then fires him when he evades the question. Stan calls Mitch from jail and leaves a message about being required to talk to a therapist before he can post bail.

At the Larsen apartment, Sarah and Holder inform Terry that Rosie was making deposits to a bank account opened under Terry’s name. Terry denies opening the account, but when Sarah points out that Rosie would have needed Terry's ID to open this account, Terry admits loaning her ID to Rosie so Rosie could get into a club.

Outside City Hall, Mayor Adams hands Gwen an envelope, and says he's giving it to her as a friend of her father and as a man who watched her grow up.

Sarah and Holder drive to a run-down neighborhood, where Holder shows a screenshot of Rosie to Cami, Holder's former coworker — an undercover cop posing as a hooker. She looks like a Beau Soleil girl, remarks Cami, explaining that Beau Soleil is a high-end escort service, and noting that a john roughed up one of their escorts during the summer.

Jamie arrives at Drexler's penthouse. The girls swimming in the pool "look like they're freshmen in high school," he tells Drexler.

"Beau Soleil girls are discreet," Drexler replies.

In the jail's visitation room, Mitch tells Stan that she didn't post bail because their money is gone. Interrupting Stan's explanation, Mitch reproaches him for reconnecting with Janek and returning to his old ways. Stan snaps back that he’s in jail "because you pushed me here."

At the station, Holder tells Sarah that the Beau Soleil escort's description of the john who beat her matches Drexler, who has a police record for soliciting prostitutes.

In Sarah's office, Jack's father, Greg, asks Sarah if he can see their son again. She threatens to have Greg arrested for kidnapping.

Ray, a police tech, shows Sarah and Holder the Beau Soleil website that was accessed multiple times from Rosie's laptop. The last time the page was accessed was the Wednesday before Rosie disappeared, notes Sarah. While the escorts' faces aren't visible on the site, Sarah recognizes a jacket as one that Terry's been wearing.

Sarah and Holder visit Terry at the Castaway Ale House, where Terry works. Terry admits to working for Beau Soleil and to having used Rosie's laptop to access their website, but denies using Rosie’s laptop on the Wednesday before Rosie disappeared. Terry recalls that an escort named Celine posted a message on the site warning other escorts about a john using the pseudonym Orpheus who drove her to the waterfront and discussed drowning.

During a City Hall meeting with a newspaper's editorial board, Richmond, seated next to Gwen, denies leaking the Adams affair and calls his deceased wife Lily his "compass," offering her the credit should he win the election.

At the jail with a therapist, Stan recounts a dream in which he returns home and finds that "some other guy" has taken his place.

Sarah and Holder visit the storefront housing the Beau Soleil website’s servers. Pressured by Holder, the webmaster retrieves Celine's post about Orpheus and reveals Celine’s true name: Aleena. The webmaster also retrieves Orpheus's email address, noting that the account was closed and its files erased at 4 a.m. on the night Rosie disappeared.

In Stan's office, Mitch tells Terry that she's not posting Stan's bail because he gambled away their money. The sisters argue about family and Rosie. "You didn't even know your own daughter,” says Terry.

At the police station, Sarah sends Orpheus an e-mail with the subject line, "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID."

Posing as a Beau Soleil client, Holder meets Aleena at a hotel, where he shows her Rosie's crime-scene photos and describes Aleena's encounter with Orpheus as a "dress rehearsal." Orpheus was "really sweet, kind of sad," says Aleena. When Holder mentions Drexler’s name, she refuses to answer any more questions and leaves.

Stan is released from jail after Terry posts bail.

Sarah asks Ray to monitor her computer for a response from Orpheus while she's away from her desk.

Still at the hotel, Holder receives a call from Aleena asking for police protection. "If you want to know who Orpheus is," says Aleena, "get to the corner of Fifth and Jackson."

Sarah visits Richmond at his apartment and advises him to distance himself from Drexler. While Richmond is taking a call, Ray phones Sarah and says that Orpheus read her e-mail. Sarah asks Ray to resend the email, then hears a computer ping. Ray sends the email three more times, and each time Sarah hears another ping. She follows the sound to Richmond’s computer, where she sees his email account open on the screen and reads four consecutive subject lines: "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID."

Holder arrives at Fifth and Jackson. Aleena is not there, but he notices rows of Darren Richmond campaign posters on a wall.

Back at the apartment, Richmond finds Sarah at his computer.

In Richmond's office, Gwen looks at photographs from the envelope Adams handed her. They are of Richmond, apparently trysting with a number of women.

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