Season 1, Episode 3

A Soundless Echo

Sarah and Holder pressure Rosie's former boyfriend Jasper for answers and interview a new suspect.

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Kris paces in an interrogation room as Sarah and Holder watch from outside. Under questioning, Kris denies killing Rosie. Sarah shows Kris video of Rosie at the Halloween dance. "Tell her you didn't kill her," Sarah says. Kris doesn't reply.

Holder contends that Kris, desperate for meth, will soon crack. Lieutenant Oakes dismisses Holder as looking worse than the suspect.

Sarah sets up Kris so he sees Jasper and his lawyer entering an interrogation room across the hall. Holder hints that Jasper's lawyer is cutting a deal.

Viewing caskets with Stan at a funeral home, Mitch gravitates to one lined in pink.

A pollster informs Richmond that Adams has opened an eight-point lead by "hammering you with that dead girl." Richmond rejects Gwen's suggestion to approach Tom Drexler, a wealthy entrepreneur who loathes Adams, about financing a media blitz.

At the station, Sarah plays the cell-phone footage taken in The Cage for Jasper, who claims, "It's not what you think." Across the hall, Kris insists he’d never hurt Rosie because she was nice to him. Holder shows the cell-phone footage.

"That's what you got?" Kris scoffs. "You don't know sh-t."

Mayor Adams meets Jamie at a waterfront bar and invites him to "be part of a winning team for once."

When longtime donors spurn Richmond, Gwen secretly calls her father, Senator Eaton.

At Fort Washington High, Sterling confesses she’s the girl in the cell-phone video. She tells Sarah that she was tired of never being noticed when Rosie was around and went to the Cage with Jasper because she was drunk and he was nice to her. She goes on to explain that she was wearing Rosie’s costume because Rosie had left the dance. Sterling claims the blood is from one of her nosebleeds.

Noting that Rosie sometimes boarded the No. 108 bus after school, Sterling speculates Rosie was meeting "someone she couldn't tell anyone about." Holder proposes following up with the Larsens, but Sarah says she'll handle it, prompting Holder to grouse about their unequal partnership.

Gwen asks her father to arrange a meeting between Richmond and Drexler. He praises her initiative but chides her for sleeping with Richmond.

At the police station, Sarah informs the Larsens about Rosie’s possible affair. You don't know Rosie, Mitch responds. When Sarah steps away, two officers leave the door to the evidence room across the hall open, and Stan and Mitch see graphic photos of the crime scene.

Gwen and Richmond arrive at Drexler's penthouse for a party also attended by Adams. Drexler challenges the candidates to settle the election right there, "mano a mano."

Following Sarah's orders, Holder rides the No. 108 bus. He shows the driver a picture of Rosie, but the driver doesn't remember her.

On Regi's boat, Rick pays a surprise visit to Sarah and brings wedding-cake samples from California. He apologizes for being testy on the phone but questions Sarah's commitment when she refers to Holder as her new partner.

While making arrangements for Rosie's funeral with Stan, Mitch fixates on the tortured Christ on the crucifix at the church. Mitch asks the priest where God was when her daughter needed Him.

Back at the penthouse, Drexler hands Richmond a $50,000 check. He claims he wants Adams to know that he helped him lose the election.

Stan drives Belko to a suburban home he bought to surprise Mitch but now cannot afford. Sensing Stan's grief, Belko offers to take care of Richmond "like old times." I don’t do that anymore, Stan replies.

A boy corners Sterling at school and mockingly suggests a trip down to the Cage. Moments later, Mitch arrives and runs into Sterling in the school hallway. Hugging her, she tells Sterling she's not to blame for Rosie's death. Sterling tells Mitch that Rosie was happy on Friday night and that she doesn’t know whom Rosie may have been seeing.

Stan enters a Polish restaurant to see Janek Kovarsky, who chides Stan about ignoring him for the past seventeen years. "You know why," Stan replies. After Stan explains his financial predicament, Janek offers several thousand dollars, saying that family always comes first. They were never family, Stan responds, before taking the money.

On the No. 108 bus, a new driver takes over. Holder shows him Rosie’s picture. The driver says she was an occasional passenger who rode to the end of the line.

Back on Regi's boat, Sarah finds a pack of cigarettes that Jack hid inside a pillow.

At Fort Washington, Bennet Ahmed discovers Mitch on a bench in the hallway. He tells her that her daughter was a smart, eager girl who "wanted the world."

At the Larsen house, Stan looks for a funeral dress in Rosie’s closet. When Sarah arrives to search the bedroom, she apologizes for the crime-scene photographs. "You said she didn't suffer," says Stan. "You should have told us."

Back at school, Bennet shows Mitch a copy of Rosie's favorite book.

On Regi’s boat, Rick catches Jack eating a wedding-cake sample, but, rather than chastising him, Rick surprises Jack by devouring another sample, then encouraging Jack to do the same.

Richmond rendezvouses secretly with Jamie, who provides Richmond with an update on Adams and asks him how he knew Jamie wasn't the leak. Jamie would have found a smarter way to screw him, laughs Richmond.

At the end of the 108 line, Holder follows a student wearing a Fort Washington varsity jacket to the Seattle All-stars after-school hoops-program headquarters. He begins showing Rosie's photo around.

Meanwhile, Sarah discovers several handwritten letters hidden inside Rosie’s globe. She begins reading one describing Rosie as an old soul trapped in a young body.

Stan stashes Janek's cash in a drawer at his moving-company office.

At the hoops headquarters, Holder views a photo of one of the Seattle All-stars teams, along with their coach, Bennet Ahmed.

Back in Rosie's bedroom, Sarah finishes the letter, which is signed "Bennet."

At Fort Washington, Bennet offers Rosie's book as a keepsake to Mitch.

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