• Tom Drexler is a wealthy entrepreneur. Notorious for his hatred of politicians, Drexler has a vendetta against Mayor Adams for promoting a waterfront shopping development on the precise spot Drexler wants to erect a stadium-arena complex. When Adams opens up an eight-point lead in the mayoral race, Gwen Eaton approaches Drexler to finance a media blitz in response. Drexler later hands Darren Richmond a $50,000 check, saying that he wants Adams to lose -- and to know he helped make it happen. Soon after, Richmond asks Drexler for $5 million to help rebuild the Somali community, noting that Drexler has a better chance of someday getting his stadium if the public associates him with philanthropy rather than drugs and prostitutes. While investigating the high-end Beau Soleil escorts who operated out of the casino where Rosie was last seen alive, Holder learns that Drexler has two prior arrests for soliciting prostitutes.

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  • Hailing from Edmonton, a city renowned for its rich theatrical community, Patrick Gilmore began acting on stage before receiving his Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Alberta. He made a career move to Vancouver in 2002 and in a short time amassed over 50 credits, including guest-starring roles on the CW's Smallville and Supernatural, Fox's Fringe, and USA's Fairly Legal. Gilmore also had a series regular role on SyFy's Stargate Universe, where he played the role of "Dr. Dale Volker." He also earned a leading role in the award-nominated web fantasy series Reise.

    Gilmore's feature film credits include Roland Emmerich's 2012; Sook-Yin Lee's Year of the Carnivore; the award-winning Sunflower Hour, an indie mocumentary about the underbelly of puppeteering; and Josh Whedon's horror thriller Cabin in the Woods.

    Gilmore's talents have not gone unnoticed, as he has been nominated for a Leo award and AMPIA award. When he has a spare moment he enjoys skiing, a hobby he began at the age of three and which ultimately earned him a silver medal in the Junior Olympics.

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