• Sterling Fitch is Rosie Larsen's best friend. The two hang out at the Halloween dance and are seen together in video footage now in police custody. At school before Rosie's body is discovered, Sterling, her nose mysteriously bleeding, lies to Principal Meyers and her teacher, Bennet Ahmed, about Rosie spending the weekend at her house. Later, she bikes to a tweaker hangout, where Kris Echols hints that Rosie hooked up with Jasper Ames. Questioned back at school by Sarah, Sterling adjusts her story, saying she lost track of Rosie at the dance and assumed she was with Jasper.

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  • Kacey Rohl has been seen in the feature films Red Riding Hood, alongside Amanda Seyfried; Sunflower Hour, a comedic mockumentary that follows four puppeteers vying for a coveted position on a hit children's television show; and the Carl Bessai film Sisters & Brothers. She has also appeared in a multitude of film and television roles, including appearances on the popular Fox series Fringe, ABC's V, a recurring role as a witch on The Hub Network's Haunting Hour, Caprica, the Cartoon Network's Tower Prep, and the Lifetime movie Bond of Silence.

    The daughter of a television and film director and a playwright, Rohl currently lives in Vancouver but spends much of her time traveling to LA. The pet lover shares her home with her two cats, Lewis and Eli. When she isn't busy on set, she enjoys relaxing by reading and writing, loves board games, and stays active with yoga.

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