• Regi Darnell is Sarah Linden's social worker, the woman who guided the young Sarah during her years in foster care and who witnessed first-hand how Sarah's obsession with an earlier case nearly lost her custody of her young son, Jack. When Sarah delays her move to California to pursue the Larsen case, she and Jack move temporarily onto Regi's boat. Jack, unhappy about the impending move, begins acting out, prompting a warning from Regi that Sarah is again neglecting her child. Stung by the accusation, Sarah packs her bags and moves into a motel with Jack.

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  • Annie Corley trained in New York City and is a member of the prestigious Actors Studio. Hailed as "nothing short of extraordinary" by New York magazine theatre critic John Simon, Corley's career quickly moved to Los Angeles. She made her mark in Hollywood playing Meryl Streep's daughter in the much loved The Bridges of Madison County, with Clint Eastwood directing. She then went on to work on such films as Seabiscuit playing Tobey Maguire's mother; 21 Grams, in which she was cast as Benicio Del Toro's sister; and Monster in which she played the homophobic aunt of Christina Ricci and worked with celebrated director Patty Jenkins.

    Corley has been seen with Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart; opposite Jeff Daniels in The Answer Man; with Jamie Fox and Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen; and as mother to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Faster. Her other films include The Cider House Rules, Box of Moonlight, The Lucky Ones, Free Willy 3, Juwanna Mann, and Stick It, to name a few.

    Television has been a staple of Corley's career. She won an honorary Emmy for her portrayal of the grief-stricken mother in David Milch's groundbreaking 90-minute episode of NYPD Blue. The episode went on to win multiple awards and opened the door for a new kind of television. Corley's other television credits include The West Wing, The Practice, Without a Trace, CSI, Law & Order, Six Feet Under, The '60s miniseries, The Pennsylvania Miners Story, The Tommyknockers, and the Lifetime movie Killing Mr. Right.

    Born and raised in Indiana, Annie grew up in "farm country." To assuage her worried mother's fears about a career in show business, Annie graduated cum laude from De Pauw University in Greencastle,Indiana, so mom knew she "had something to fall back on." These days Annie spends her time away from the bustle of Hollywood training horses on her ranch in Norco, California. She resides there with her horse, Deb, and her seven dogs, Henry, Trigger, Sonny, Jacob, Jessie, Mattie and Duke -- Corley's subtle support team.

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