• Nicole Jackson is the manager of the Wapi Eagle Casino and head of the Kalimish tribe. When Sarah comes looking for evidence that Rosie visited the casino the night she disappeared, Nicole insists that she would never have permitted a minor on the premises and denies Sarah's request to interview customers who might have seen Rosie. Reminding Sarah that she lacks jurisdiction on Indian land, Nicole then orders her to leave the casino.

    Nicole colludes with Jamie and Michael Ames to cover up Rosie’s murder. She repeatedly prevents Sarah from carrying out her investigation on Indian land, and her security guards beat Holder into unconsciousness when he pokes around the casino without a warrant.

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  • Claudia Ferri starred in Mambo Italiano as "Anna," the pill-popping daughter of an Italian family. For her work she won a nomination in the Pretty Funny Performance category at the 2004 Canadian Comedy Awards and another nomination at the 2004 Jutra Awards. She also appeared opposite Aidan Quinn in the film Across The Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright as "Mary," a Mexican escort on the edge of beauty, haunted by time creeping up on her.

    Ferri has appeared in The Last Templar alongside Mira Sorvino and Victor Garber (NBC), The Christmas Choir (Hallmark) and Wargames -- The Dead Code. She also had starring roles in the features Through the Mist (Max Films) and Heat Wave. Other credits include Race to Mars (Discovery Channel), TVA's Nos Étes I, Lifetime's Tipping Point, the CBS Movie of the Week Saving Milly, End Game in Kosovo and Naked Josh. For her series lead role of "Elena Batista" in Ciao Bella (CBC/Radio-Canada), she won the Award for Best Actress at the 2006 Montreal ACTRA Awards.

    Ferri starred as Mexican icon Frida Kahlo in Viva La Frida! a docu-drama based on Kahlo's life (Official Selection at the Montreal International Festival New Cinema New Media). Her other work includes Fakers, Assassin's Creed and Ring of Deceit.

    A native of Montreal, Ferri currently resides in Los Angeles. She is fluent in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Italian).

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