Kris Echols

  • Kris Echols is Jasper's skateboarding tweaker friend. After Rosie's disappearance is announced at school, Sterling tracks down Kris at a tweaker hangout, where he hints that Rosie hooked up with Jasper after the Halloween dance since Jasper had scored some X and "was definitely out to bone."

    After Holder questions Kris at a skate park, Kris finds Jasper, punches him in the face, and accuses Jasper of telling the police that he was at the Halloween dance. A cell phone that Bennet Ahmed confiscates from a student contains video footage of Kris and Jasper forcing themselves on a young woman dressed like a witch in The Cage. Sarah calls in Kris and Jasper for questioning, but it's later revealed that Sterling Fitch, not Rosie, is the person dressed like a witch in the video. Kris, meanwhile, insists that he would never have harmed Rosie -- who used to be his neighbor until financial difficulties forced his family to move -- because she was always nice to him.

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