Janek Kovarsky

  • A figure from the shady past Stan Larsen would like to forget, Janek Kovarsky frequents a restaurant that's a little taste of his Polish motherland in Seattle. With Rosie's funeral bill looming and mortgage payments due on the suburban dream house purchased to surprise his family, Stan reluctantly turns to Janek to avoid bankruptcy. Janek reproaches Stan for ignoring him for 17 years ("You know why," Stan replies), but despite their estrangement, Janek offers Stan several thousand dollars, insisting that family always comes first. They were never family, Stan responds tersely -- and then takes the money.

    Kovarsky has ties to the escort service Beau Soleil but burns the company’s building to the ground when police start sniffing around. Seventeen years ago, he ordered Stan to kill Piotr Michaelsky. Kovarsky tells Piotr’s son, Alexi, that it was Stan’s idea to kill Piotr. When Alexi learns that it was actually Kovarsky’s idea, he shoots the mob boss at point-blank range, killing him.

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