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Season 1, Episode 6

The Big Killing

Available now for Xfinity AMC Premiere subscribers. Billy the Kid seeks revenge for the death of his friend. Wyatt Earp questions his future as a lawman. Jesse James reemerges from years in hiding.

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In Lincoln County, N.M., Billy the Kid forms a vigilante group known as the Regulators to avenge the murder of John Tunstall by the House.

The group's first target: Sheriff Brady, who held Billy at bay while Tunstall was murdered. The Regulators hide outside a billiards room and open fire when the sheriff emerges, killing the lawman. Now an outlaw, Billy pursues and kills five more men involved in Tunstall’s death.

Twelve hundred miles away, Jesse and Frank James have been in hiding for two years and have taken up the life of farmers and family men in Nashville. But after a time, Jesse can’t take the quiet life.

In Dodge City, Wyatt Earp patrols the streets as deputy marshal. He averages nearly 300 arrests a month, but when local actress Dora Hand is murdered, he’s outraged to watch the killer walk free without a trial after his father pays off local officials.

Back in Missouri, Jesse James plans his next heist, but he’ll have to do it alone: Frank is done with the life of crime.

Meanwhile, the House and the U.S. Army pursue Billy the Kid and his gang. The Regulators take refuge in a farm house and are surrounded by a group of armed men.

The House gives Billy one last chance to come peacefully, but he refuses. They open fire with guns and artillery, and Billy comes out guns blazing. Surrounded, he flees through a hail of bullets and makes it out alive. But when the rest of his gang is wiped out, he heads to Las Vegas, N.M., a lawless boomtown averaging a murder a day.

In Las Vegas, Billy keeps a low profile but is approached by Jesse James in a saloon. James asks Billy to come work for him, but Billy doesn’t trust him and turns down his offer.

James isn’t the only one looking for Billy. Thomas Catron, the land baron who had Tunstall murdered, is after him too. He throws his political weight behind a new sheriff, sharpshooter Pat Garrett. Garrett’s main duty is to do whatever it takes to bring down Billy.

Jesse James recruits a new gang in Missouri and plans out his first big score, a train robbery. They take the train, but when the safe is opened there’s no cash, just checks. His comeback heist is a bust.

Fellow outlaw Billy the Kid is tracked by Garrett to a hideout. Cornered, Billy drops his guns and comes quietly.