Crazy Horse

  • As a young teenager, Crazy Horse witnessed the full savagery of the U.S. government when he saw a military detachment massacre an entire Sioux village – it was the first U.S. attack against a settlement in Sioux territory... but it certainly wouldn't be the last. In Indian culture, the loss of 3 of 4 warriors
    in a single battle was considered a tragedy. The loss of 85 men, women and children in one attack was incomprehensible, and the brutality made a lasting impression on Crazy Horse.

    Crazy Horse dedicates his life to waging war against the U.S. military. On his coming-of-age vision quest — the Sioux spiritual rite of passage — he sees his legacy unfold as a great warrior, impervious to bullets or arrows... he truly believes he can only be harmed by one of his own people. And it is a vision that will bear out to its full extent years later.

    During The Battle of 100 Slain, Crazy Horse leads his people in a shocking massacre of 82 U.S. soldiers – it was the army's worst defeat on the Plains at that time. The victory makes Crazy Horse famous within his tribe, but his massacre also draws the attention of the U.S. government.

    In the ensuing Great Sioux War, Crazy Horse and the wild Lt. Colonel George Custer go tit-for-tat all over the Great Plains, until the two men battle in Crazy Horse's greatest victory: The Battle of Little Big Horn. Defeating the U.S. army down to the very last man will be the crowning achievement of Crazy Horse's life... but it will also be his final victory. Unlike the older, wiser Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse refuses to see the writing on the wall. Little Big Horn was a fluke, thanks largely to Custer's bravado. Once the U.S. government brings its full might down upon the Sioux, Crazy Horse is utterly hopeless.

    With his people deserting him in droves, Crazy Horse has no option left but
to surrender. And just as his vision had predicted, his final betrayal comes at the hand of two of his fellow Sioux warriors, who hold him back as he is fatally bayoneted by a white soldier. A warrior to the end, Crazy Horse refuses the white soldiers' offers to move him into a cot — rather than spend his final moments on a white man's bed, he dies bleeding on the ground... on the land he spent his life fighting for.