Billy the Kid

  • Billy the Kid is a survivor. After his mother's death from tuberculosis, Billy – never having known his father – is left to the care of his stepfather and older brother. His older brother takes him under his wing and Billy is "raised" in gambling houses, saloons and opium dens. It's in these places that Billy learns the true law of The West: "God made some men big... and some men small... but Samuel Colt made them equal."

    Billy's early run-ins with the law land him in jail twice... and he escapes both times. Once he strikes out on his own though, Billy is a young teenager trying to survive without any help – a risky prospect in the lawless territories. He steals out of necessity, poaching horses and supplies from the local military detachments. To hide from the law, Billy uses his charm to work his way in with the Spanish-speaking locals who offer him refuge... especially the women.

    Once Billy moves on to rustling cattle, he falls in with a group calling themselves The Chain Gang... but when they abandon Billy during a raid on a local cattle baron's stock, Billy finds himself at the mercy of the baron, John Tunstall. Working for Tunstall, Billy finds a sense of purpose for the first time in his life as a cattle baron's soldier. He soon becomes enmeshed in Tunstall's battles with the rival cattle empire, "The House"... owned by powerful New Mexico cattle baron and political fixer, Thomas B. Catron.

    As a gunman in the infamous Lincoln County War, Billy becomes notorious. His charming personality plays well in the newspapers, and his ability with a pistol allows him to back up his reputation. But as a "celebrity" of sorts, Billy becomes an easy target for politicians trying to make a name for themselves by cleaning up New Mexico Territory. And when Billy's name makes its way to the White House, President Rutherford B. Hayes makes an example of the teenage outlaw.

    Despite his charm, Billy gets caught up in a machine far more powerful than any single outlaw. The combined power of "The House" and the federal government weighs down on Billy, and by the time he tries to go straight, it's too late... he's Public Enemy No. 1.