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Small Town Security‘s Brian Taylor Recaps the JJK Swag Auctions on eBay

Editor’s Note: Last month, following the airing of Small Town Security Season 2 Episode 3, “JJK for Sale” on AMC, the show’s Brian Taylor posted on eBay several items of JJK swag featured in the episode. Now, Taylor describes the outcome of the auctions on

It was a shocking, surprising, CRAZY auction as we had no idea we would have this kind of loyal turnout!

Things got crazy early on with Chief’s lipstick that she wanted to auction off. Within 3 days it had cruised well over $110! Unfortunately, the suits (eBay’s legal team) made us take it down because you can’t sell “used” cosmetics. (Sorry to all those who bid on that item. Maybe down the road we’ll find a way to get rid of it.)

Irwin’s Poop Sticks
 were highly sought after, as he came across 4 at the house and office recently and wanted to give the fans want they want. We didn’t want to freak too many people out so we made it a strict limit of 4. That super low number got many folks bidding in a frenzy as the 2nd Edition ended up going for $102.50 (33 bids)!! The 3rd & 4th Edition went for $46.00 (35 & 24 bids respectively), and the 5th Edition finished at $34.99 (38 bids). This proves how dedicated our fans are — truly unbelievable!

Next up were the JJK Security Writing Pens. A lot of kids wanted these relics as 25 Bids were put on the board for a total of $56!!

Our lovely One Of A Kind Wall Clock had 40 bids and finished up being the highest item sold at $167.50!!! What’s better is that it’s heading to our good neighbors up north in Canada. The winning bidder wanted to make sure we all sign the clock so we’re happy to oblige as Canada loves Small Town Security and we Love Canada!! (FYI, we are quickly becoming Canada’s favorite obsession as we’re getting all kinds of love from them.)

Last but not least is the little engine that could, a/k/a The JJK Security “Broken” Mug. This little fella has no handle, but that didn’t stop 23 bidders jacking up the price to an orgasmic $105! Well played kids, well played.

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