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Small Town Security Q&A – Brian Taylor

sts-season2-brian-325x200.jpgBrian Taylor of AMC’s Small Town Security talks about the strangest P.I. case he’s ever worked on and how he deals with Joan’s suspicion that her smartphone is haunted. 

Q: You’re sort of the “normal” one in the office. Does working at JJK ever get to be too much for you?

A: I knew what I was getting into when I first started working here. It’s always been crazy. Anywhere you work, you’re going to have some level of craziness, so I’ve always been able to handle it and accept it.

Q: What’s the response to the show been like for you?

A: Where I go to do my banking, one of the tellers was like, “I saw you on E! the other night!” That’s sort of odd because I just want to deposit a check. And everybody wants to ask you a bunch of questions and knows who you are. It’s a weird kind of feeling.

Q: What would you say was the most shocking moment from Season 1?

A: I don’t know if anything was shocking for me, but I’m sure it was shocking for other people. [Laughs] I guess the degree and level of detail of how Irwin used the poop stick. I was surprised they were able to go into that much detail.

Q: What do you do in your time off from JJK Security?

A: I’m normally with my girlfriend, Bonnie. We’re like two peas in a pod… We’ve got a starter home, so we try to fix it up and remodel… and we watch a lot of movies or play video games, or if the weather’s nice, we’ll go hiking or go geocaching.

Q: What’s geocaching?

A: It’s kind of like a treasure hunt with a GPS device. So you go to a website and get coordinates to find this hidden item and then you get some clues as well, and then you put that into your GPS and you go out and you try to find it.

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Q: What’s the weirdest P.I. case you’ve ever worked on?

A: I can’t give out names or anything, but there was a guy who swore up and down that his wife, who was at least in her 60s, was having an affair with a young farmhand. [Laughs] … And I said, “No, that can’t be.” And then there was a guy who was in his twenties or thirties and he was still living with mom, and his mom was wanting to put a camera in the bedroom to see how many random women that he had coming into his bedroom.

Q: You tease Christa a lot but you also help her out with her P.I. career and her grammar. How would you describe your relationship?

A: I’m sort of her hopeless mentor, I guess. All of us are in the office. We all try to improve her grammar and her knowledge base, but she just feels like, I’m Southern born and bred and that’s just how I am and you’ve got to accept it… One thing that would make me happy is if she could spell basic words.

Q: How’s your list of all the funny stuff she says coming along?

A: The new thing that she’s saying is “bottom line.” She says “bottom line” this and “bottom line” that, but sometimes things get a little crazy in here, and I can’t keep track of all the stuff she says.

Q: You seem to enjoy analyzing your co-workers’ behavior…

A: I think there’s a rational explanation for everything, no matter how crazy and weird things are. For instance, Chief has just gotten a smartphone… and every couple of days something weird happens, and she thinks it’s haunted. And I’m like, no, you pressed something by accident… There’s not a little ghost that tiptoes through the bedroom in the middle of the night and changes all of your settings all at once.

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