Watch Dogs, Episode 6

Watch Dogs

Joan resists rest; Dennis meets McGruff the Crime Dog.

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Full Recap

At JJK Security, Joan argues with Irwin, Dennis, Brian and Christa, who all believe she needs to rest now that she's undergoing radiation treatment. They prevail with her to stay home, but only after Dennis installs remote cameras so she can keep an eye on the office.

Meanwhile, JJK is in financial distress and Christa has seen her hours halved. Dennis brings in Winston Cavendish, who played McGruff the Crime Dog to help out with the business. Cavendish performs for the guards (though he's unable to speak while wearing his costume for legal reasons) and they brainstorm a child safety outreach program. Joan, watching from home, hates the idea and demands a Chihuahua mascot instead. Dennis proceeds with the safety program with the new mascot, Nippy, played by Christa (who's already found that working at the tanning salon, car wash and clothing store are not fits for her).

When Irwin returns home, he's surprised to find Joan resting in bed. She returns to the office after getting some rest, and she's her usual self again.