The Dragon Takes Flight, Episode 2

The Dragon Takes Flight

Captain Starr turns to online dating to fill the gap in his relationship with Chief while Irwin looks for ways to relieve stress.

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Full Recap

After having his breasts removed, Dennis is ready to begin dating and enlists the help of his friend Sherry Dee Allen, who paints a mural on his wall to give his living quarters a woman's touch. Sherri and Dennis also go on a practice date, where she steers him away from topics like roughage and a "loose" relationship, and he reiterates he's still in love with Joan. Separately, Brian and Christa help Dennis set up an online dating profile so he can meet women, but before an online date, he rushes to make Joan lunch, get her a Popsicle and start her foot bath. He and his date play putt-putt golf, where they run into a screaming Irwin (who has already abandoned regular golf, fishing, solitaire and kite-flying as hobbies that can help him relax). Things go well, and Dennis and his date make plans to see each other again.