Someone’s Got the Meatball, Episode 1

Someone’s Got the Meatball

Captain Starr creates a new training tape for JJK. Chief decides to capitalize on the Speecy Spicy Meatball.

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Full Recap

At JJK Security, Joan profanely describes a violent scenario in which she and Dennis fight off masked crooks with machine guns. Dennis stops her and argues that her scenario is not a good plot for the JJK training video he's making, which is meant to prevent the type of situations Chief describes. Later, Dennis, Brian and JJK staff member Lt. Turner audition their friends and employees and cast a team (including Christa) to film the video, which they do in spite of Dennis's perfectionism. Joan loves the final product when Dennis screens the video for her, Irwin, Brian and Christa.

Separately, Joan and her friend Wayne head to a studio to record a song Joan came up with called "Speecy Spicy Meatballs." After many takes, some nose-blowing, and improvised lyrics, Dennis comes to the rescue and provides Joan the direction she needs to finish recording. When listening to the final product, a teary Joan pronounces "it's a hit!"