Heady Times Part 1, Episode 4

Heady Times Part 1

JJK loses a big client and Irwin works to ensure guard loyalty. Joan struggles with her health and her local cable access show.

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Full Recap

At the office, Brian informs Irwin that JJK Security has lost a major client, setting the staff on edge. Brian begins exploring other job opportunities in case JJK fails, while Dennis remains resolute, spending his own money on promotional fliers and an employee appreciation day. Meanwhile, Joan is not doing well. She's disinterested in her show, Joan Koplan's Forum, and does not respond well to two new co-hosts, even Christa's friend Ken, a wild character with four personalities. Joan is also having trouble expressing herself, and the staff worries she isn't taking her Parkinson's medication and urges her to see a doctor. To help with the show, Christa first takes Joan shopping, then recruits comedian Gilbert Gottfied, who she met at a comedy club, as the new co-host. But when she and Gilbert arrive to film the show, Joan never shows up and Gilbert hosts solo. Simultaneously, Brian and Dennis worry that they can't get a hold of Irwin, who they need to drum up new business for JJK. Back in the studio, Christa receives an upsetting phone call that someone is in the hospital... TO BE CONTINUED.