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Grantland Compares Small Town Security to Art; Calls Showville “Fun”

sts-sv-press-0705-325This week, Small Town Security is compared to abstract art by Grantland, while takes a look at a Showville open audition. Plus, Small Town Security‘s Dennis Starr speaks with GLAAD. Read on for more:

• Grantland hails Small Town Security as “not unlike the inexplicable beauty of abstract art.”

• notes that the open auditions are part of what makes AMC’s Showville so much “fun.”

• Small Town Security‘s Dennis Starr tells GLAAD that Joan helped him figure out he was transgender because “she allowed me the opportunity to explore all the options.”

• Television in the Age of DVR does a podcast on the “excellent” Small Town Security.

• featured photos from Small Town Security‘s Season 2 finale, “The Man Makes the Suit.”

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