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Showville‘s Lisette Bustamante and Alec Mapa Pick Personal Favorites From Fairfield, IA


On this week’s Showville, the audience of Fairfield, Iowa selected pop singer Adrien Daller as the winner, but who were the favorite acts for coaches Lisette and Alec? Read on to find out…

Lisette’s Pick: Adrien Daller (Pop Singer)

sv-episode-106-adrien-125By the time Alec and Lisette had reached Iowa, they felt like they had seen it all but then they met “The Lady Gaga of Fairfield” as Lisette put it. The pop vocalist Adrien “finally brought the edge that we were missing,” Lisette went on. “She rocked it out in her tight pleather pants and her stilettos and was dropping it like it’s hot. We were like, ‘Oh, wow! There’s a real, legit pop act in Fairfield Iowa. Who knew?’ She’s beautiful, she’s talented. I love everything about her.”

Alec’s Pick: Brian Heisel (Comedian)
sv-episode-106-brian-125“This guy was the genuine article — a good ol’ Iowa Farm boy who wanted to do stand up,” declares Alec. His fellow comedian charmed Alec with his effusive personality and wit. “He was so genuine and hilarious,” Alec noted. And it would seem Alec wasn’t alone in his appreciation of Brian: “Everyone wanted him to succeed.”

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