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Showville‘s Lisette Bustamante and Alec Mapa Pick Personal Favorites From Athens, OH


On this week’s Showville, the audience of Athens, Ohio selected gospel singers The Miller Family as the winner, but who were the favorite acts for coaches Lisette and Alec? Read on to find out…

Lisette’s Pick: Zoe and Tasha Seiter (Hula Hoop Act)
Lisette enjoyed the energy gyrated by the twin sisters: “They don’t have a lot of dance experience, so they’re a little unpolished. But they are just wild and crazy and fun,” she said. Lisette also recalled that rehearsals with Zoe and Tasha were akin to “having a beach party.” With their “tiny outfits” and plenty of cleavage, The Seiter sisters are like a mix of “Gidget and Girls Gone Wild. They were a blast!”

*PRIVATE GALLERY* AMC Showville Episodic (Athens, OH) Photos Day 2Alec’s Pick: Matthew Griffin (Classical Singer)
The classical singer’s “warm, wonderful personality” really struck a chord with Alec. “I wish he lived next door to me, so he could be my neighbor,” remarked Alec. While it’s doubtful that Alec will be making the move to Ohio anytime soon, maybe the “great entertainer”  — as Alec refers to Matthew — will make his way to Tinsel Town one day.

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