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Showville Q&A – Destination

In Episode 5 of AMC’s Showville, the folk in San Marcos, Texas chose Andrews Sisters tribute group Destination as the winning act. In this interview, Juli Dearrington, and Linda and Michelle Sriro discuss the arts of juggling and promotion.

Q: What made you decide to start an Andrews Sisters tribute group?

Linda: After Juli and I wanted to get together… we were wondering what we could do that included harmonies but was more exciting. Someone suggested the Andrew Sisters. We thought that was a great idea. We just fell in love with their music. It wasn’t just three-part harmony. They were jazz singers and comics. There was a lot of comedy with the Andrew Sisters. We love that.

Q: How did juggling become a part of your act?

Juli: At the first audition, we decided to take these juggling balls because the flyer said “Looking for singers, dancers, jugglers, etc.”

Q: So juggling isn’t something that you usually have in your act?

Linda: No. Juli actually learned to juggle because her son was in a movie once and she had a lot of time on her hands waiting on set. Then, whenever we were together and had time to kill, Juli taught Michelle how to juggle. So the two of them were already doing it and it was my husband’s suggestion that we do it in the audition. He said it would be memorable.

Video: Destination’s Performance from Episode 105: Showville

Q: Michelle and Linda, what’s the best thing about being in a group with your mother or daughter?

Linda: It couldn’t be more special or important to me. I had to wait for her to grow up and get old enough to do it. It’s the greatest joy in my life, working with my daughter, next to working with my best friend Juli.

Michelle: Aww… my answer is going to sound so lame after that. [Laughs]. We have a very special relationship, not just that we’re related and I came out of her uterus — we’re also best friends. We’ve been that way forever. So I get to hang out with my best friend and play dress up and sing. It’s fantastic. 

Q: Speaking of dress up, where do you guys get your costumes?

Linda: We buy some things at consignment shops. The outfits that we wore at the show, two of those were uniforms from the Vietnam War that we got at a resale shop. We also make some things. 

Juli: Aside from performing, costuming is one of our favorite things. We carry a garment rack with all of our costumes and we rolled it in with Alec. He loved it. He held a bunch up to himself to see how they looked. We gave him a little fascinator hat. It was fun!

Q: What was the most memorable moment when promoting the show?

Linda: Well, one thing that I remember was when we were walking down the street, we didn’t realize our microphones were on. So we were saying a lot of comments that weren’t appropriate for TV. We looked over and the crew was all laughing at us and we had no idea why.

Q: Michelle, while promoting the show you promised someone at a tattoo parlor that you would get matching tattoos if they showed up. Did you have to follow through on that?

Michelle: I can’t show it to you in that particular place. It’s hidden away. [Laughs]. Just kidding.

Q: What else did you promise to get people to show up?

Michelle: We made all kinds of promises. We’re really good at that. [Laughs]

Juli: We promised everybody a T-shirt, so we gave away a lot of those. We were up until 2am the night before making these T-shirts instead of rehearsing.

Linda: They said “Team Destination” on them and we had a lot of family wearing them the next day.

Q: During rehearsals, what did Alec help most with?

Juli: Stage presence and characterization. Like, he asked each one of use, Who would we compare ourselves to in the industry and I said Bette Midler. And he said, “Then be that! Own that! From the moment you hit the stage. Be that character.”

Michelle: I was Liza Minelli, since my mom is always Judy Garland.

Q: And what did Lisette help you with the most?

Juli: She helped us with unity as a group and consistency.

Linda: The biggest thing I remember when we were doing hand gestures, she said to keep your fingers closed. It’s like the queen waves, not jazz hands with open fingers. Funny how much a difference something that seems so small like that can make.

Q: Who got to keep the trophy?

Linda: It’s at my house right now, but I told Juli that once we get the plaque, she can keep it at her house for six months. Then Michelle can have it.

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Showville airs Thursdays at 10/9c on AMC.

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