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Showville‘s Lisette Bustamante and Alec Mapa Pick Personal Favorites From Walla Walla

On this week’s Showville, the audience of Walla Walla, Washington selected dancer Benji Garcia as the winner, but who were the favorite acts for coaches Lisette and Alec? Read on to find out…

showville-benji-garcia-125.jpgLisette’s Pick: Benji Garcia (Dancer)

“Benji was my boy,” says Lisette. But when the choreographer first met the young dancer, she questioned whether he had the goods. “Benji was so unassuming. He walked in with his head down. I was shocked when he said, he was going to dance.” Lisette says working with Benji was “magical”: “He dreamed of being a dancer, but he comes from a strict, old-school family who disapproved. We were able to make them all believers and they were super-proud of him. I was super-proud of him.”


Alec’s Pick: Tyrone Collins (Comedian)
Alec’s own experiences as a standup comic means he knows how tough it is to get up in front of a room full of strangers and make them laugh. So Alec was really impressed by Tyrone’s performance come show time: “He really delivered the goods.” Collins — a.k.a. The Real Hijinks — also didn’t let nerves get in the way. Added Alex, he “had such a great time on show night.”

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