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Got Talent? Enter the #Showville Video Sweepstakes

When AMC’s small town competition series Showville premieres on Thursday, you’ll see a handful of residents of Holland, Michigan get the chance of a lifetime: national exposure and local renown (plus $10,000). Now with AMC’s Got Talent? #Showville Video Sweepstakes, you too have a chance to be in the spotlight.

AMC wants to see your talent whether you’re a ballet dancer, a gymnast, a puppeteer, a celebrity impersonator, a juggler, a bird caller, a contortionist or… You get the idea. Select participants will be featured on AMC’s official website as well as Showville‘s Facebook page and Twitter account. Better yet, Showville talent coaches Alec Mapa and Lisette Bustamante will pick favorite videos for helpful coaching tips (and online praise).

Got Talent? Submit your six-second video using Twitter’s Vine application. Once you’ve made your video, upload it to Twitter with #Showville. Need inspiration? Check out this video of a woman who does duck calls or this guy who does weird eye rolls.

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