Season 1, Episode 3

Walla Walla, Washington

Two Hollywood coaches travel to Walla Walla, Washington to audition locals for an eclectic talent show. The town gets to vote for their favorite performer.

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Full Recap

Talent coaches Alec Mapa and Lisette Bustamante travel to Walla Wala, Washington, a farming community with a booming wine industry. Here, the two coaches select, then mentor the following four performers to compete for local prestige and a $10,000 prize:

Bizarre Love Triangle: a blues-rock trio with complicated personal relationships who harmonize on a song about finding love twice in a life.

Keith Ramsay: a fireman and ventriloquist who performs an unusually racy comedy act with his stuffed bunny Rodney.

Benji Garcia: a 26-year old dancer who pop-locks and breakdances his jacket right off during his routine.

Tyrone Collins: a stand-up comedian who performs a set about the benefits of dating a man who's been to jail.


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