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What You’re Saying About What Truxton Will Do Next

Last Sunday night was Rubicon‘s final Watch & Chat event of the season, during which fans were encouraged to go to the Episode 13 open thread in the Rubicon Talk forum to chat about the season finale with fans and friends while the episode was airing.

The night also included the latest Watch & Chat question, in which a query based on events in Episode 13 has users chatting. This week’s question is “What do you think Truxton Spangler will do next?” Here are some examples of what people are saying so far:

“What Truxton Spangler will do next, is this: He will double the guard on the island where his family lives, call in many of the favors he has accumulated over the years he’s been so well connected in Washington, insist (as we know from Kale Ingram) that the intelligence points to Iran, and through any company that knows him apart from the Fisher Island Group (FIG) he will commit market mayhem. He will also argue against U.S. dependence on foreign oil — for both national strategic and obscure personal interests. This man accept the four-leaf-clover invitation? Not on his life! ” – S Peterson

“The next thing TS will do is KILL the remaining members of the Fisher(‘s Island) group before they kill him and his family… Roy, alone, would have no trouble “handling” them. And I think they will die. Then that part of the story will be over. Then TS can DEVOTE HIMSELF to new make money endeavors…” – annie

“I think Truxton will follow that Rubicon analogy Ingram made in episode 12. Truxton is Ceasar who has been ordered to stand down by the group (Rome Senate). Instead he will use his influence to force his way back in and take over the group. Between the dirt he no doubt has on them all, his connections in the intelligence community, and the killers at his beck and call he should be able to pull it off. He can even hold Will’s investigation of them over their heads.” – Nick Palechka

Visit the Episode 13 open thread to check out more comments and post your own.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Rubicon Watch & Chat events this season. Be sure to stay in touch with Rubicon fans and friends in the Rubicon Talk forum and keep the conversation going.

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