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TV Squad Calls Kale Ingram “One of the Best TV Characters of All Time”

This week, Kale Ingram is hailed as one of the best characters on television. Also, fans in the media are invoking all the reasons why Rubicon deserves a second season.

TV Squad lists six good reasons to keep Rubicon on the air. Among them: “It’s one of the most distinctive-looking shows on TV,” and Kale Ingram (Arliss Howard) “is one of the best TV characters of all time.”

CliqueClack sings Kale’s praises, as well, calling him “one of my favorite characters on television right now. He’s slick, smarter than everyone else, and… he’s a complete bad ass.” The site also declares that Rubicon is hitting its stride: “The research and espionage is fascinating.”

HitFix offers a thoughtful analysis of Episode 10 and commends Rubicon for its unconventional storytelling: “I remain impressed that a story where virtually all the action has taken place off-screen remains as compelling as it has.” For more thoughts on last Sunday’s episode, check out New York Magazine, Time, TV Fanatic, A.V. Club, Daemon’s TV and

Buzz Focus provides an in-depth recap of the entire first season thus far, and urges readers to watch the show: “How many television shows dare the viewer’s mind to keep pace, despite rarely moving faster than the second gear?”

The Reading Eagle profiles Pennsylvania native Meg Gibson, who plays widow Joan Hadas.

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