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Episode 13, “You Never Can Win” – Online Extras


Is Will going to make good on his threat to file a report on the conspiracy? Does Spangler plan to kill himself? Will there be fallout for Kale now that Spangler knows he was helping protect Katherine? Is there a future for Miles and Julia? Will Grant’s promotion to team leader stick? Is Tanya really leaving API? Has Will forgiven Maggie? Who is Andy working for? You might find some answers if you check out the following:

A video that takes you behind the scenes of the thirteenth episode

Video highlights from this episode

A videos of one of the most talked-about scenes from this episode

A videos of another one of the most talked-about scenes from this episode

Ten production stills of the thirteenth episode

An online quiz on what happened in this week’s episode

A open thread for this episode in the Rubicon Talk forum that includes this week’s Watch & Chat question

Also worthy of your attention:

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