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What You’re Saying About Walter

Last Sunday night was Rubicon‘s latest Watch & Chat event, during which fans were encouraged to go to the Episode 10 open thread in the Rubicon Talk forum to chat about the show with fans and friends while the episode was airing.

The night also included the latest Watch & Chat question, in which a query based on events in Episode 10 has users chatting. This week’s question is “Can Kale trust Walter?” Here are some examples of what people are saying so far:

“I believe the hand on Walters’ head by Kale after discovering the bug is a pity emotion because Kale knows he will regretably “terminate” his relation with Walter soon. I believe he finds it too coincindental that Walter just purchased the lamp and there is a bug in it. It could have only been brought in recently since Kale bug sweeps regularly, and the insistent wish by Walter not to trash the lamp could only serve to confirm Kale’s suspicions. Bon voyage Walter for your betrayal.” – Brad Fox

“Can Kale trust Walter? No, but it’s not that Walter is spying on him, but rather due to Kale’s personality. He is not able to trust anyone. His hiding the bug detector is an indication that he never has been honest with Walter. How sad it must be that he can’t bring himself to trust the person he is living with.” – NECIAT

“Kale can trust Walter. Kale clearly loves Walter, and vice-versa. By virtue of Walter living in Kale’s home, he might be surprised by the thoughtful but unexpected gift, and noticed the change in Kale’s disposition over the last weeks — recalling that Kale insisted that Walter stay put while he spoke to the man tailing him, and the dinner conversation with one of Kale’s subordinates. People closely associated with those in the intelligence business must take a while to get used to the strange or unusual behavior, which they can not explain to themselves, or ask about expecting an explanation.” – David Crewel

Visit the Episode 10 open thread to check out more comments and post your own – the person with the best comment will win a Rubicon prize pack.

There will be another Rubicon Watch & Chat during Episode 11 on Sun., Oct. 3, as well as a brand new Watch & Chat question so be sure to log in to the Rubicon Talk forum when the episode begins and join the conversation.

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