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What You’re Saying About Maggie and Will

Last Sunday night was Rubicon‘s latest Watch & Chat event, during which fans were encouraged to go to the Episode 6 open thread in the Rubicon Talk forum to chat about the show with fans and friends while the episode was airing.

The night also included the latest Watch & Chat challenge, in which a question based on events in Episode 6 has users guessing a future outcome in the series. This week’s challenge question is “Will Maggie ultimately betray Will or protect him?” Here are some examples of what people are saying so far:

“I think Maggie will protect Will in the end. It’s what we see from her after she reveals a romantic interest in Will episodes earlier.” – PJ

“I think that Maggie will want to protect Will, but will be forced to betray him in order to protect her daughter.” – Erin Ellenburg

“Maggie will become an ally for Will, yielding to her own inner sense of believing in doing what’s right. ” – section17

“I think Maggie will eventually be pressured well beyond her present mild “surveillance” duties to betray Will, and will reach a point where she stands on a knife’s edge of decision, but will stand by him.” – Roman Romaniuk

Visit the Episode 6 open thread to check out more guesses and post your own. Once the answer is revealed later this season, the person with the closest guess will win a Rubicon poster and their choice of two of the movies that influenced Rubicon on DVD.

There will be another Rubicon Watch & Chat during Episode 7 on Sun., Sept. 5, as well as a brand new Watch & Chat challenge, so be sure to log in to the Rubicon Talk forum when the episode begins and join the conversation.

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