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Henry Bromell Talks to WNYC; Kudos From the L.A. Times

This week, Rubicon Executive Producer Henry Bromell took to the radio airwaves, and Episode 6 of Rubicon, “Look to the Ant,” was praised by the L.A. Times, Time magazine, and more.

Rubicon Executive Producer Henry Bromell was a guest on WNYC’s “The Leonard Lopate Show.”

The L.A. Times said “this week’s show absolutely launched it,” deeming the episode “eventful” and calling the scene where Miles and Julia monitor the Boeck wedding “a great sequence.”

Time found the time to get caught up on Rubicon this week and deemed themselves “on board for the season,” complimenting Episode 6’s “sharp tension” and calling Kale’s offer himself to help Will a “nicely played twist.”

Hit Fix praised series star James Badge Dale, saying he “played the hell out of Will’s mounting paranoia” this week and calling the scene where Will confronts the man tailing him “fantastic.”

TV Fanatic hailed Episode 6 as “another strong episode,” while also praising Arliss Howard as “perfectly suited to play the mysterious boss” and noting that James Badge Dale “continues to say as much with his facial expressions and thought process as his words.”

UGO proclaimed that “this week was, without a doubt, the episode where everything started clicking” for Rubicon.

TV Squad says it’s “a pretty good bet” that Rubicon “will be on (their) list of the best TV shows of the year come December.”

New York Magazine once again took stock of “What We Know” and “What We Don’t Know” and extended their recently-invented “George Boeck Drinking Game” to their own review.

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