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Maggie’s Blog – Three Strikes


I’m so humiliated I can barely write these words in the privacy of my own bedroom. I had no idea how lonely I’d been until I had a night away from Sofie. The second I got home and she wasn’t there, the loneliness set in. Like a tidal wave. My mother always told me I’d regret any decisions I made after 10 PM. Well, she was right. 10:15: Strike one. I call Will and ask him to have a “drink” with me because I think “he said I looked good today. He must want to sleep with me.” Wrong. 10:30: Strike two. Because I’m so God damn lonely and haven’t had sex with a human being in three years, I call up the human question mark, Mister Personality, and have sex with him! I’m cringing as I write this. Sometime after midnight, as I’m lying in bed hating myself, hating Mister Personality, wondering how I’m going to pry him off of me and out of my apartment, Will comes over. There he is. Despondent, yes, but at my door. Wanting to sleep in my apartment. And I’ve got this idiot panting like a lost puppy. The hardest part of all of it was showing up to work the next day. “Hey Will. Good morning. Can I get you some coffee? Oops about last night.” The next time Sofie stays at her dad’s house, I’m going to do us all a favor and rent a romantic comedy. Alone.

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