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API Intelligence Team Aptitude Test – What the Results Tell Us

By now you’ve taken the API Intelligence Team Aptitude Test — and if not, what’s stopping you? — and received your personalized analysis of which position at the American Policy Institute you’re best suited for. But where do you stand in relation to your fellow applicants? has pored over the
analyses to date and compiled a group application profile. Here is a summary:

1. Pattern Recognition Expert (Will Travers): 46.8 percent
2. Secret Operative (Kale Ingram): 9.9 percent
3. Team Leader (David Hadas): 9.8 percent
4. Administrative Assistant (Maggie Young): 8.9 percent
5. Entry-Level Intelligence Analyst (Tanya MacGaffin): 8.8 percent
6. Intelligence Analyst (Grant Test): 7.9 percent
7. Resident Genius (Miles Fiedler): 3.9 percent
8. Chief Officer (Truxton Spangler): 2.1 percent
9. Expert Code Breaker (Ed Bancroft): 1.0 percent
10. Rejected: 0.9 percent

Not satisfied with your result, especially now that you know how other applicants fared? Click here to take the API Intelligence Team Aptitude Test again.

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