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Raves, Reviews, and Recaps From the L.A. Times and More

Coverage of Rubicon‘s third episode, “Keep The Ends Out” hit the pages of the L.A. Times, New York, and the web this week:

– The L.A. Times proclaims Rubicon has “a lot to draw you in” while taking a look at what we learned in Episode 3 as well as some of the many questions still remaining.

New York calls Arliss Howard’s portrayal of Kale Ingram “fun” and also takes a look at things we know and things we don’t know thus far.

TVOvermind awarded episode 3 a B+, calling it “undoubtedly the best episode of the series yet” and heralding moments that were “fist-pumpingly cool.”

A.V. Club also awarded episode 3 a B+, praising the storytelling as “confident.”

Daemon’s TV finds itself unable to multitask while watching Rubicon, and notes that “the interesting camera shots and changing camera angles have kept the episodes in motion and entertaining.”

TV Fanatic is “engrossed” and “intrigued” by Rubicon‘s “quiet, subtle suspense, unlike anything else on TV.”

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